Why a Set Up Fee

Why we charge a set up feeSo why do we charge a setup fee when our competitors do not? Good question, glad you asked.

he reason that we charge a setup fee is that we take the necessary steps to adjust your artwork so that your design prints properly on your badges. This includes totally redrawing your design to sharpen the edges and color correct the file to print properly. This takes time and cost money – so that is why we charge a fee. Most clients provide fair to poor artwork, and that is ok. You see you guys are not in the artwork business, we are. We do all the proper things to insure the printing is crisp clean and beautiful on your tags. And if you request we will even send you clear versions of your logo to keep on file for further use. Also, once you pay a setup fee you never have to pay another one – regardless of when you ordered last.

If you read the artwork requirements from companies that do not charge a setup fee, you will see how things can go wrong. These companies require you to furnish artwork you probably do not have on file or may obtain. So, you send what you have, and if it prints improperly, well that is your fault. When you receive your tags and you do not like the printing – your fault, you did not furnish the proper files. No one wants a name tag that does not meet their expectations.

Everyone is entitled to run their business anyway they see fit, we simply do not do business that way. We want to make sure you are 100% satisfied with the work we perform for you, if we can not make that happen we do not print your tags. Life is too short.

If you have questions about artwork please call or email us and we will answer any question you may have about artwork for your badges. Trust us -we are the name tags pros.