5 Tips for an Effective Event Name Tag Design

As we move further into 2021, many things are starting to look more like normal. Sure, we’ve all had to make a lot of changes. One thing that is going to change as we move forward is events. The good thing is that they are now being organized and planning is moving ahead. Whether you are an event planner or just in charge of your company’s next big event, you want it to go smoothly.

At Name Tag Pros we make ordering event name tags as easy as possible. That’s one major thing off your plate. You can trust that they will be done right the first time. Here are a few tips for designing your event name tags.

5 Event Name Tag Design Tips

Choose a Font That is Easy to Read

Choosing a font size that is too small can be a disaster. Firstly, there will be no social distancing as others will need to get right up on the name badge before they can read the information. This obstacle prevents people from talking to one another. Make sure the font is easy to read and one that will accommodate longer names if needed.

Include Job Titles and Positions

A person’s name is the most important part of a name badge, especially if you want people to connect. Another piece of valuable information is the person’s title or position. On most event name tags, it’s located just below their names. This bit of information helps forge new relationships.

Consider Using Multicolor Name Tags

You always have the option of choosing black and white name badges to stay on a budget. But it’s not that much more to include eye-catching colors. A color name badge is more effective than black and white. You have a variety of options such as adding your full-color company logo. You have plenty of options available to create a unique name tag.

Choose a Good Size

Most event name badges are around 4x3 inches. It is important that it is not too big, nor too small. If the name tag is too big, attendees will not be comfortable wearing it. If it’s too small, the information will not be large enough to be effective. At Name Tag Pros, we will ensure you get the appropriate size to be effective.

Choose a High-Quality Lanyard

Lanyards hold name tags securely around the neck. Colored lanyards can be used for color-coding groups or for organizational purposes. They can also be color-coordinated to match the logo or conference color scheme.

Let Name Tag Pros Help!

You do not have to design your event name tags blindly. We are here to help ensure you create the perfect name tag for your event and keep you inside your budget. Give us a call at (888) 754-8337 to get started on your order. You can also email us using the contact form on our site. Let us help you create a great experience for your event attendees!


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