7 Unique Name Tag Styles that Stand Out

Company name tags have many benefits. They avoid those awkward moments when you can’t remember someone else’s name. There’s no more spelling out names for others since it’s present on a name badge. Name badges are important in meetings, events, and in many industries such as hospitality. They improve approachability and give identity to your workers. 

Name badges bear important information about your company and can incorporate pronoun preferences. Choosing a style for your name tags can be difficult. Take a look at these 7 name tag styles and choose the one that represents you and your company the best.

Reusable Name Tags

Does your company have a lot of turnover? Reusable name badges are a great choice. They allow for easy name changes. This style can save you a lot of money. There's no buying name tags for new persons all the time. Instead, just replace the insert, or write the new name depending on the style of reusable name tags you choose. You get the same high-quality name badges and you can still put your full-color logo on display! They are a great choice.

Plastic Engraved Name Badges

Engraved plastic name tags are the most common style and you’ve probably seen them a lot. They are very easy to design and economical. They come in different shapes, sizes, and styles. You can choose an elaborate design or keep them simple. Choose multiple colors or just a couple for the names and logos. Plastic name tags are a great option for companies with a simple single-color logo. The text is engraved into the plastic and reveals a second color under the top layer.

Metal Name Tags

Metal name badges offer a nice, elegant look and get durability to boot. You can have your company logo and your employees’ names printed on a metal name tag. You’ll have a choice of a gold, silver, or white base. Metal name tags offer an exceptional appearance and longevity. You can choose to have a clear epoxy coating to provide longer-lasting protection.

Wood Name Tags

If you are looking for something unique and environmentally friendly, take a look at our wood name badges. They have a nice natural look and are made from a renewable resource. Wood name badges can be custom-made into any shape. Names, logos, and other information are laser-etched or digitally imprinted in color. 

Magnetic Name Badges

Magnetic name tags continue to grow in popularity. One of their main benefits is that they don’t poke holes in clothing. Small, strong magnets are used to hold them securely in place without causing damage. You have a choice of plastic or metal magnetic name badges. Choose standard sizes and shapes or create your own custom shape. 

Chalkboard Name Badges

Chalkboard name tags are unique and add a nostalgic effect as people write their names on them. They are also a nice option for events for younger audiences or children. A chalkboard name badge is a type of reusable name tag that can be used over and over again. They can be imprinted with your business or event logo. 

Order Your Custom Name Tags from Name Tag Pros

Whether you know for sure just what you want, or you need a little help designing a custom name badge, Name Tag Pros can help. We have years of experience and expertise we’ll put to work for you. Contact us today and learn what it’s like to experience hassle-free ordering! 

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