Custom-Shaped Minecraft Name Tags

One of the most interesting things about name tags is they are supposed to be unique. Everyone has their own style, colors, logo, and design. But what if you want something really different? What if you are into World of Warcraft or Minecraft and you are in charge of the next meetup or event? The best thing about custom-shaped name badges is they can be made into any shape or design, including Minecraft name badges.

Choosing Custom-Shaped Minecraft Name Tags

If you are planning a Minecraft-themed party, meetup, or event, custom-shaped name tags are a great addition. For attendees, they are like the icing on the cake. They are eye-catching, interesting, and unique. It may be just the thing that makes your event stand out from others. Attendees are not going to forget them, and they’ll have a memento of the event or meeting.

Tips for Designing Minecraft Name Tags

Here are a few tips to help you with the design of your custom-shaped Minecraft name badge.

1. Determine what information you want the Minecraft name tag to include. Most event name badges include the attendee’s name. You may want to add special titles or Minecraft IDs. Any information that is specific to your attendees can be gathered when they register for the event.

2. Keep the name badge neat and clutter-free by choosing a simple font and large font size. That makes wording stand out and prominent.

3. Go ahead and brand it! If you are hosting the event, include your company name on the name tag. If your event has its own logo or brand, use that for branding purposes. This is a simple way to boost brand awareness or apply branding to your event.

4. If your event is connected to a social media platform, you may want to include this information. This helps attendees connect outside the meeting.

Why You Need Name Tags at Your Event

Custom-shaped event name tags offer a lot more than a name. when you know a person’s name, it kick starts conversations that can lead to lasting relationships. Attendees can avoid uncomfortable silence. When attendees can call each other by their names, it’s easier to make a good first impression. Connecting is easier when people’s names are visible at an event.

Ordering Your Custom-shaped Minecraft Name Tags

At Name Tag Pros, we make ordering as easy as possible. We do have a $25 setup fee and a minimum order requirement of at least 10 name badges on the first order. Reorders will not have the one-time setup fee or a minimum requirement. Our custom-shaped name tags can be ordered with a magnetic backing or a pin backing.

Call us today at 888-754-8337 to discuss ordering name badges. You can also fill out our online form for more information. We can help you create unforgettable Minecraft name badges for your next party or event. Let us help you with the design and options. Our team will ensure you get your questions answered and help ensure your custom order is placed and filled quickly and precisely.

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