Medical Office Name Tags


 In some states, it is required for medical clinic personnel to wear name badges. Some require their credentials to be displayed on name tags as well.  In many healthcare settings, workers have ID badges to help heighten security. There is some logic behind issuing medical clinic staff name tags as well as other healthcare settings. Security is one of the main reasons for healthcare workers, nurses, and doctors to wear name tags. Some hospitals and medical offices and facilities have strict rules regarding their use. In some states, it is enforced to comply with governmental regulations. It’s a good idea whether the state has issued mandates or not, for all staff members in medical facilities to wear name tags.

 Benefits of Name Tags for Nursing Staff and Other Personnel

There are a lot of reasons to have all staff members in a medical office wear name tags. But probably the most important reason is that it’s just flat good for patients. Think about it. They arrive to the clinic and are probably already stressed to a degree. Having all the medical staff wear name tags can help them feel a little more comfortable. Here are a few of the benefits:


· Patients don’t have to worry about not remembering a nurse or other staff member’s name. After two or three people have assisted them it’s easy for a patient to forget who was who. Name badges can help provide visual reminders.

· Patients are often personable and might like to address medical staff by name. This creates a more personal atmosphere and experience that is more comfortable for everyone.

· All of us are more likely to remember a name if we hear it and see it.

· Sometimes, staff doesn’t introduce themselves. If they have name tags that include their name and their job title, function, or credentials, they won’t have to worry about introductions as much. Patients will also know the staff member is qualified. This can be a huge trust builder.

· If your name tags have a logo and the name of the practice or facility, patients are less likely to worry if someone really works there or not.

· Just as an added benefit, having doctor office name tags is a great way to build your brand. It provides a positive and powerful connection between people and your brand.


 Let Name Tag Pros Help With Nursing and Doctors Name Tags

We have provided medical professionals with medical name badges and medical name tags for over 30 years. We have a variety of choices and can help you find the one that fits your style and preferences. Choose from these styles:


· Engraved Plastic Badges with your practice logo and employee names.

· Metal Name Tags with your logo. These come in gold, silver, or black.

· Plastic Name Tag with full-color printing.

Types of Medical Office Name Tags

Contact us today and learn more about how we can help ensure your medical staff has the name tags they need.




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