Our Guide to the Best Event Name Tags to Use When Hosting Zoom Events

Most organizers have taken their meetings online. Zoom is a video conferencing platform that jumped to the forefront as the pandemic swept around the world. It’s easy to use, reasonably priced, and convenient. With events moving to online platforms, planners have to be even more creative.

Planning Engaging Zoom Events

Events allow collaboration between industry professionals, and that doesn’t have to end because of COVID restrictions. Zoom and other online meeting platforms provide a place to host virtual events.  One of the latest trends in online events is to send a kit to your virtual attendees. These kits add a fun but personable factor that keeps people engaged. Sending event kits to meeting participants helps achieve these goals:

·Create a Deeper Connection. Attendees who receive customized packages at their door are more likely to bond more deeply with the upcoming event. Additionally, kits can contain elements to make the virtual experience more enjoyable or productive. It can include items such as gifts, event (or sponsor) swag, custom name tags, white paper, and a whole lot more.

·Increase Event Registrations. Custom packages can be leveraged as incentives to register for the event. Share a photo of the kit and the list of items it contains. List any applicable terms or conditions on the event registration page, such as “The first 250 people who register receive this special box.”

·Boosts Attendance. Include elements in the kit that promote giveaways during the live event. The participant will have a unique code that can be used for live drawings. Announce the winners to your live audience.

·Continue the Momentum with a post-event kit. You can also send post-event thank you packages to VIPS or those who attended the event live. This gives you the opportunity to continue the buzz and momentum developed during the event.

How to Choose Virtual Event Kit Contents

Your kit will need to capture the true spirit of your event. It’s important that it brings attendees together and helps facilitate connections. Include important event information in the kit. Your sponsors can contribute branded items, and the kit can even be used to create sponsorship opportunities. You want to make sure attendees feel welcomed, appreciated, and a part of the event. Make sure to time the packages so attendees will get them prior to the event.

Some ideas to include in zoom event kits:

·Event-themed branded promotional items.

·Include items that make participation from home easier and fun. Include snacks, bottled water, coffee, fidget toy, mi-fi, earbuds, or an event-themed “Do Not Disturb” sign for the home office door.

·Create custom event name tags based on the theme. Choose colored name badges, personalized engraved name tags, or your own custom name tags.

·Include items to help create conversation and camaraderie among attendees. T-shirts, silly glasses, coffee cups, items for virtual scavenger hunts, etc.

·Informative materials such as tips for looking your best on webcam, mute your mic if you’re not talking, or happy hour drink recipes.

·Plenty of sponsor and exhibitor materials to encourage attendees to connect with solutions, industries, and products they need.


There are a lot of ways to make virtual events fun and engaging for attendees. Sending an event-themed kit helps build and strengthen the connections. If you need help designing custom name tags for your zoom event, reach out to Name Tag Pros. We’d be glad to help you create an eye-catching design and keep you on budget at the same time!

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