Stand Out with Custom Shaped Name Tags

Professional name tags provide that extra touch for your business. There are many benefits for companies and organizations that use them. Custom name badges usually include the company logo and colors, the name of the employee, and their position. But have you considered taking these benefits one step further and ordering custom shaped name tags for your business?

Why Choose Custom Shaped Name Tags?

Custom shaped name tags are engraved with your logo and text just like other styles. But they are shaped to represent the theme of your business. They add a whole new dimension and a lot of creative fun to your logo and text. Custom shaped name tags are eye-catching and unique. They will help with branding and customers and potential clients will not soon forget them.

Need a Few Ideas?

There are lots of ways for employers to be creative with name tags and help initiate a personal connection between staff and customers. Put your logo and text on a uniquely shaped custom name tag relevant to your industry or business. Here are a few ideas:

·  Veterinarians: dog, cat, or a paw print.

·  Real Estate Agents: a house or a key.

·  Music Industry: guitar, treble clef.

·  Dentistry: tooth.

·  Coffee shop or café: coffee cup.

·  Sports bars: football, basketball, etc.

·  School or university: mascot.

·  Hardware store: hammer.

These are just a few ideas to get you started developing custom shaped name tags for your business or company.

Why Choose Name Tag Pros for Custom Shaped Name Tags

We want to make sure that you make a good first impression with a custom shaped name tag that represents your industry or practice. At Name Tag Pros, we make ordering as easy as possible to save  you the hassle. Here are some of the benefits you can expect when you order custom shaped name tags from Name Tag Pros:

· No minimum order

· Full-color logo and graphic printings

· 48-hour production

Name tags with a custom shape are high-quality and professional. You can order a traditional pin backing if you prefer. Or you can order a magnetic backing. We’ll get you a quick proof inside of an hour. And we offer a quick quote in an hour or less.

We are convinced you will not regret ordering full-color custom shaped name tags to make your business stand out. Call us today for a free quote! 

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