The WHY Behind Business and Networking Event Name Tags

Hosting a business networking event can be stressful. Of course, you want it to be successful no matter what its purpose. Maybe you’re hosting a cocktail party for high-end clients, fostering new business relationships, or having a team-building activity for your department or company. Whether the event is small or large, some of the littlest details can make the biggest impact on your guests.

Why not use paper write-on name tags?

If you want people to connect at your event, you’ll want to provide attendees name badges. While “Hi, my name is” name tags may be a bit nostalgic, handing a guest a sharpie to write their name on a sticker isn’t exactly the best first impression. It can also become increasingly unpleasant for guests to repeatedly try to stick the paper tag to their shirts with no success. 

Providing High-Quality Business Name Tags for Networking

Providing high-quality name badges at your networking events may seem like a small detail, but it will make a huge difference. They are well worth the money spent. High-quality name badges add to your event. For higher-end events, name tags with magnetic backings are a great option to help protect attendee’s clothing. When you have stellar name tags, you elevate the perceived quality of your event.

Presentation of Name Badges at Business Events

How you present name badges at your networking event is important too. Add a nice touch by laying them out alphabetically on tables close to the entryway. You may also want to include company names if it’s applicable, or the individual’s department if you’re hosting a company event. As attendees are checking in, they can see the names of others in their industry. Guests may see the names of those they know or see other attendees that they want to connect or network with.

VIPs and Special Guests

Consider highlighting VIPs and special guests by color-coding name badges or using special icons to identify them. When you recognize special guests, it’s a perk for them and other attendees. This can be beneficial for attendees and event sponsors.

Leverage Name Tag Pickup

You can leverage the name badge pickup area for engaging guests as they arrive at the event. Introductions can be made as badges are picked up. This is a great opportunity for engaging in conversations before the official start of the event or meetings. Name badges allow hosts to greet guests by name. Guests will be able to introduce others to key connections without the fear of forgetting names. This can go a long way to enhance networking and developing relationships.

Positive Impact of High-Quality Event Name Tags

Event name tags can make a huge difference in how your guests feel about the quality of your event. High-quality name badges demonstrate an attention to detail and show that you care. They are definitely better than having guests run around with a “Hi My Name Is” sticker on the bottom of their shoes.

Let Name Tag Pros Help with Your Event Name Tags

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