Tips for Creating Custom Name Tags

Name tags are a vital part of a business. They play a major role in how your staff, brand, and business are perceived, especially with new customers who form a first impression. Name tags can be very basic, and they seem straightforward. However, there are a few ways to mess them up and that defeats the whole purpose. For instance, cramming too much information on limited space or ordering a style that doesn’t quite fit with your brand can have an unpleasant effect. 

At Name Tag Pros, we are dedicated to helping you get the most out of your name badges. We’ll make sure designs are cohesive with your branding and help you prevent mistakes. Here are a few tips to help you get the best results from custom name tags.

Choosing Color, Shape, and Font

When choosing name tag elements like color, shape, and size, make sure it’s a continuation of your brand. Of course, there are no hardcore rules for choosing name tag elements, but you can make them match the business environment and work area. Think of name badges as an extension of your brand. For instance, if you are designing a custom name tag for a coffee shop, you may not want to go with a super formal font and style. You’ll want something more relaxing and comforting.


Consider the workplace. What types of shapes are most prominent in the structures and features? Name tags should not be in sharp contrast with the basic forms found in the workspace.

Lighting and colors

What are the most common colors in the area? Are they light or dark? What about the tones? Are they muted or bright? Are the more prominent colors natural and organic? Or are they more artificial?


Glance at the items that occupy the space. Is it filled with wooden tables, rustic benches, and lovely green plants? Is it more of an industrial setting filled with equipment?

Name tags should be complementary to the environment where they will be used.

Choosing Words and Font

When you create a custom name badge, remember to keep the wording simple. Keep in mind that a name tag doesn’t get larger when you put more words on it. When you try to use too many words, the letters get thinner and more difficult to read. Keep it to just the basic information. For instance, you may only need a person’s first name instead of first and last. There isn’t room for all their credentials, so keep it basic by using their main title. Try to convey the message in as few words as possible.


When choosing the information to include on custom name tags, try to keep the lines balanced. A badge will look awkward with one line that takes up the entire width of the badge paired with a line that is small and centered. Choose wording that flows across the surface without looking chunky or heavy on one side or the other.

Think outside the Box

Don’t be afraid to go with something a little less traditional. Dog groomers or pet stores might consider a dog bone or a claw-shaped name tag. A popular sports grill might opt for a football shape. Tooth-shaped name tags for pediatric dental offices are a nice touch. The possibilities are limitless.


Let Name Tag Pros Help

Give us a call today and let us help you create custom name tags for your business. We have a variety of options when it comes to colors, fonts, shapes, and sizes and we can help you get the look you want. Our staff is dedicated to making the ordering process as easy and hassle-free as possible. Give us a call today. You will not be disappointed!


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