Top 10 Logo Design Trends in 2021

 Trends change over time in almost every industry. Changes in some industries like clothing and automobiles are almost constant. Logo designs for businesses and organizations have trends too. What’s the latest in logo trends and why is it important when ordering name tags for your business? A full color logo is a great way to make your name badges stand out. Plus, it’s an inexpensive branding tool to help customers remember you after they have left your establishment. When they see your logo somewhere else, they will recall their favorable experience. Consider these logo design trends when ordering your name tags.

Minimalistic Designs

Minimalism is popular in a lot of arenas, including name tags. It looks like it will be around for a while. Businesses, companies, and organizations are opting for clean, uncluttered designs. The designs use one or two carefully chosen colors and a simple name.

Various Types of Fonts

For many years, professional logos have used two or three fonts, and few ventured out to discover the unique effect of other fonts. Lately, logos have begun to incorporate fancy doodles, handwritten typefaces, and intricate serifs into their logo design. Using an unusual font is an easy way to create an eye-catching, original logo. The only caution when venturing out into different logos is to make sure it is unique, yet legible.

Using Gradients on Full Color Logos

Even the boring logos can be spiced up with the use of gradients. Neon shades continue to be popular, you may want to experiment with some of them. You may also want to explore some gradients that use primary colors.

Use of Blank Space

This newest logo trend is expected to take off even more in 2021. There are lots of clever ways to use negative space in a logo to add depth. Creatively using blank space gives the logo character without cluttering it with more information or elements.

Thin Clean Lines

One of the things you may notice with the emergence of the minimalistic approach is the use of clean, thin lines. Huge designs are no longer trending, and no one is missing them either. Instead, trends have turned toward the use of refined, straightforward lines. Pairing these with different geometric shapes can give your logo an airy and elegant appearance.

Out of the Normal Arrangements

Depending on your logo’s design, you might consider positioning the logo elements in an unexpected arrangement. When elements are arranged in a creative, yet out-of-the-normal direction or configuration, it’s eye-catching and attention-grabbing.

Proportionally Balanced Full Color Logos

Many people detest asymmetry, and for some, it’s a source of annoyance. An unbalanced logo can be done right, but to many, it may look negligent or careless. The trends in logos are leaning heavily toward a proportional and consistent layout.

Abbreviations and Monograms

Designers are loving abbreviations and monograms in modern logo design. It can be a bit tricky to work the colors into a monogram or abbreviation so it’s compelling and explanatory. But a well-designed monogram says it all.

Overlap of Elements

Carefully positioning elements so they are on top of each other can convey a variety of strong associations. It can demonstrate reliability and consistency, dynamic growth, or progress. It’s one of the newest trends in logo design.


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