Top 8 Reasons Everyone at Church Needs a Name Tag

If you go to a business event, you will be given a name badge. Gatherings both large and small in the corporate world don’t think twice about providing name tags. Why is it that churches often give them so little thought? Even where church staff wears name badges, visitors and many churchgoers are not offered name tags. While church staff from paid to volunteer positions should have professionally printed name badges, visitors should also be offered some type of name badge. Let’s look at 10 reasons everyone at church should be offered a name tag.

Creates a Guest-oriented Environment

Some people who visit a church prefer anonymity. That is their option, but you want to at least extend the offer to connect. The first step to connecting is offering them a name tag if they would like one. It makes them a bit more noticeable.

Creates an Invitation to Talk

A church name tag implies an invitation to talk to others. It helps visitors and members connect inside the community. You want people to communicate at church. People like hearing their own names and when names are shared, it’s easier to start and hold a conversation.

Most People Don’t Know Everyone in the Church

Even if the church is small in size, it can be difficult to know everyone’s name. As the church grows, it becomes more difficult to remember other member’s names. Church name tags prevent the secret struggle many have to remember names.

Saves Potential Embarrassment

It is embarrassing to call someone by the wrong name. Many times, church members call each other “brother” or “sister” not because it sounds good, but because it covers up their memory loss.  It’s a nice way of saying, “I don’t remember your name.” Having name tags saves embarrassment for both parties.

Creates More Service Opportunities

When your church provides name tags for everyone, you’ll need people to get them ready. This provides more service opportunities for church members. Members often become more connected when they find a position to serve in.

Inexpensive Way to Promote an Outward Focus

A church that decides not to use nametags because “everyone knows everyone” may not have a lot of visitors. If they do have visitors, they may not return for a second visit. Using name tags is one way your church can communicate that you are expecting guests and you are ready for them.

Helpful for Leadership

Many leaders are exceptional at remembering names. However, once your membership grows, it can become more challenging. Name tags for church staff help team members and leadership connect more quickly and can be designed to offer a bit more information about their positions at the church.

Not a Huge Risk

Name tags are an inexpensive way to help connect everyone who has gathered. They promote fellowship and helps welcome guests. If the name tag ministry was to fail (it’s not likely, but it could happen), there wasn’t a lot on the line.

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