Why Does the Food Service Industry Need Name Tags?

When you think of food service, you most likely think about prompt and courteous service. Sometimes, customers don’t have a clue who their servers are. This can affect their overall experience at the eating establishment. You really don’t want your clientele asking questions like, “Are you our server?” or “Do you remember which one is our waiter?” These types of questions would be a huge indication that customers are not being properly taken care of.

Food Service Name Tags and Branding

Another huge benefit of having food service staff wear name tags is branding. The employee or server wears the logo and colors of the food establishment. This plants it firmly in the customer’s minds. It creates a comfortable environment where the staff seems more approachable. Your name tags are a tool that helps customers remember your logo long after they leave the establishments with their bellies full.

Keeping Confusion to a Minimum

Food service name tags can help reduce confusion. Customers are able to identify who their server is. When customers are not sure, who took their order or answered their question, it can lead to a lot of unnecessary frustration. Customers often try to gain clarity on a matter, but they address their questions to the wrong person. When all food service staff has on name tags, it gets rid of a lot of confusion and things run more smoothly.

Another benefit of name tags in the food industry is that servers can be referred to by name. This is far better than calling out “sir” or “miss” and no one knows who is being called. This can have a positive influence on customer satisfaction.

Creative Ways to Use Reusable Name Tags for Food Service

Reusable name badges are customizable and versatile. This style still bears the company logo and colors but allows for the interior to be changed out. Why is this important to your food establishment? Reusable name tags allow you to promote your specials. You can create messages like, “I’m Steve, ask me about today’s specials.” Or “I’m Susie, may I suggest our lobster feast?” Your employees are not only brand ambassadors but also promoters of your latest food offerings.

Having reusable name tags can also help build community and allow your business to take advantage of community events. For instance, if your locality hosts local festivals, big races, or sports events, you can adapt the message to the event while including a related special if you desire.  Once the special has ended, reusable name tags can revert to original name badges and continue to provide branding benefits.

Name Tags and the Food Service Industry

Think of a name tag as a business card or introduction you are giving to customers. Being able to converse on a first-name basis helps create an instant connection and rapport. The first business that began to require its employees to wear name badges was Wal-Mart. It was an across-the-board requirement from executives to part-time workers. Even Sam Walton wore a name tag. He had a reason for this. He wanted customers and employees to be able to communicate on a first-name basis. The founder of this retail giant understood the importance of customer-employee relations and that it would make shopping experiences more enjoyable and memorable. His goal was for customers to be greeted as if they were coming into someone else’s home.

Think of it like Cheers! If you don’t know, it’s a classic TV sit-com. It’s a place where everyone knows your name. Name tags in the foodservice industry help establish quick and personable communication on every level. You really don’t want to be without them!


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