Why Realtor Name Tags are a Plus at an Open House

It’s just about summertime and the housing market is picking up because of Covid-related restrictions being lifted. Nearly 80% of all moves occur between April and September, so it’s time for realtors to start hosting open house events again.  Real estate agencies orchestrate open house events so that the public can see available properties. This event gives real estate agents the opportunity to interact with prospective buyers and often leads to securing a sale or rental agreement.

Do Open Houses Work?

Some real estate agents don’t think open houses work well. Many times, an open house doesn’t end up with an immediate sale. However, there are other benefits to hosting open houses. The main benefit is being able to build a rapport with prospective buyers. Being able to nurture a trusting relationship is key. This is where a custom real estate name tag comes in. What a great way to help clients recall the name of your agency. By creating a custom real estate name badge, you’ll implant your agency’s image in their minds, and they will reach out to you when the time is right.

5 Reasons For Wearing Real Estate Name Tags

Real estate agent name badges can go a long way when it comes to establishing relationships with clients, both current and potential. Here are the top five reasons why realtors should wear name badges.

· Look Professional. When you wear a name tag for an open house or just when you are showing a house, it gives you a more professional look. If you do not wear a name tag, you may be mistaken for just another visitor. When they see your name and agency clearly displayed on a name tag, it helps establish you as an expert.

· Makes You More Approachable.  Being able to call a person by name helps establish clear lines of communication. When you wear a name tag, a visitor will feel more at ease to ask you questions.

· Grow a Client List. Realtors often find clients while standing in line at the local coffee shop. You never know who may be in the market for a new home!

· Corporate Branding. Increase brand awareness by wearing your realtor name tag. When you wear it, your brand gets a lot more exposure. Think of it as free marketing.

· More Memorable. Whether it’s at an open house or while running errands, wearing an eye-catching name badge will help others remember who you are and where you are from. You can customize name tags using your full-color logo, or even create an impressive house-shaped name tag for your agency. 

Contact Name Tag Pros

At Name Tag Pros we want to help you create the most memorable real estate name tag possible. You have tons of options from custom-shaped name tags to full-color logo name badges. We can include your name and title as well as the name of your agency, so it’ll be easy for anyone you meet to remember both who you are and where you are from.

We make ordering name tags as simple as possible. You can call us at 888-754-8337 with your order or fill out our convenient online form to get it started. We are here to help you!


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