Why You Might Want to Choose Magnetic Name Badge Backings

Retail businesses, sororities, restaurants, hotels, and companies of all sorts use name badges. Name tags convey simple, important messages to guests, clientele, and customers. They let a stranger know who can help them, who is working in the establishment, or who is part of the team. Unlike other uniform elements, a professional name tag identifies each individual as a person. They are useful for identifying participants at events and providing security.


Name tags provide a wide range of uses for businesses and organizations from security to branding. At Name Tag Pros, you’ll find a wide variety of shapes, sizes, types, and styles. Choosing the right name tag can often impact a company or organization in ways you may not realize. One of the things you’ll need to decide when ordering name tags is the type of backing you want. Pin backing and magnetic backing are the two main types. The bulldog clip is used for photo IDs and photo name badges. You might not think the backing is an important element. But the truth is that it can make all the difference in the world. Here are a few reasons you may want to consider a magnetic backing.

Magnetic Name Badges Protect Clothing

Pin backings will secure a name tag in place, but they can damage uniforms or clothing if they are worn day after day. Magnetic name tags do not damage clothing, even if the name badge is put on or removed often. They can be worn on any type of clothing from suits to fast food uniforms without causing damage. Name tags will continue to identify employees or staff while leaving clothing intact.

Easy to Take Off and Put On

Pinning and unpinning a name badge can become frustrating. Magnetic name tags take the chore out of placing or removing them. They are easily secured to clothing and held securely in place by the strength of the magnets. Because they are held securely in place, they also look more professional.

Use on Any Kind of Material

Since magnetic name tags don’t damage clothing, they are safe to use on any type of material. You don’t want to stick a pin in your nice business suit, right? And if you like to wear a pretty chiffon or silk top, sticking a pin through it will leave noticeable holes. Magnetic name tags do not pierce the material like a traditional backing, so they are safe to use on any material.

How do magnetic name tags work?

Magnetic name badges are durable and made of metal or plastic. A metal bar is attached to the name tag and the 3-button magnetic bar is removable.  The magnetic bar is placed under the clothing material and then the name badge is pressed to the bar which holds it securely in place.

Ready to Order Magnetic Name Badges?

Magnetic name tags are becoming a popular choice. We do everything we can to make the ordering process easy. You can make your order over the phone by calling (888)754-8337. You may also use our convenient online form to order. Contact Name Tag Pros via your preferred method to get your order started!

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