About Us

Nametagpros.com is an online initiative of Mickey’s Inc. For over 30 years we have been providing quality products and services to our client friends. Most companies that conduct business online tend to push customers to strictly online ordering with very little interaction with their customers. To these companies you are just an order number and a job to complete as fast as possible. Zero commitment – Zero interaction – Zero investment. Many companies push you to use their online name tag designer – really cool stuff, but isn’t our job to design your badge? Don’t you currently have a job and it is not designing name tags?

We are different; we want and need to talk to you. It is our job to find out your wants and needs concerning your order. We ask questions, offer suggestions and then formulate a solution to fit your unique needs. One size does not fit all at nametagpros.com! Sure you can use our online form to order – it is simple and easy. However we have found that most clients have questions and actually want to talk to someone. When you call you will never have to press this or that number to find a sales person. You will never get voice mail or have to leave a message. What you will get is a helpful friendly person who is genuinely interested in your business.

See we get it…we aren’t here to sell you a single order; we want you to be a lifetime customer. We want you to be thrilled that you found us, that is our job. Anyone can produce name tags – the service part is where we shine.

We are located in south central Mississippi in the city of Laurel. From this location we can service all parts of the US and Canada in with a maximum of 5 days ground shipping. However we do have a very large footprint of 2 day shipping. Our business hours are Monday thru Friday 8:00 AM until 5:00 PM Central Standard Time.

Call us – We make it easy. (888) 754-8337