Business Name Tags Dos and Don’ts

Most business professionals today understand the need and benefit of using staff name tags. They have become a regular part of most savvy businesses. Since high-quality name tags are worth the expense, you want to put a little thought and effort into them. Let’s take a look at some dos and don’ts so you can leverage your name badge use and get the most out of their use.

Name Tag Don’ts

You may have already explored some options, including sticky “Hello My Name Is…” name tags and the cheaper DIY versions you can get online. But do these speak highly of your business? Or do they make customers want to find a more professional establishment to do business with? Going with the cheapest options will not speak highly of your business. Potential customers will definitely be unimpressed. You’ll miss out on the benefits, and you’ll send customers messages like:

  • They just used a cheap template; do they even care?
  • The company is in such a rush they can’t even type names on badges.
  • That looks cheap; their service is probably low-level at best.

Even though they’ll have a “lasting memory” of your business, they will probably forget your company's name by the time they get to their car. Your name tags influence customers’ opinions about your company. You want to make it a good opinion.

Name Tag Design Dos

When you start developing your employee name tag design, you’ll want to think about each design element. There are several best practices when it comes to designing a name badge for your business. To make a great first impression and create a positive image, start with these three elements:

  • Color
  •  Font 
  • Full-color logo

Name Badge Color Scheme

Choose colors that represent your business and complement your logo or brand. This helps give your name tags a professional look. You have plenty of choices, so you’ll want to think about background color as well as font colors. Think about what goes with your employee uniforms if you have them and what will work best in your setting. For instance, you will lean toward brighter, more lively colors if you work in fast food. You may want subdued colors for a high-tech, modern look if your workplace is an office.

Name Badge Font Selection

The font on an employee name tag needs to be readable. A visitor or customer should be able to quickly read the name and any other information on the name tag. Fancier fonts are not as effective because they take more effort to decipher. The font color plays a role in readability as well. You may choose white lettering on a darkly colored background or vice versa. Either way can look sharp. At Name Tag Pros, we’ve been at this for a long time, and we will make sure the font matches your style and makes it easy for customers to read. 

Full-Color Logo

There are so many benefits of including a full-color logo on name tags; you don’t want to miss them. Your logo was designed to represent your company and brand. Putting it on your company name tags puts it out there where more people can see it. If you want customers to remember your business after they leave your establishment, a logo helps. You can put a full-color logo on just about any type of name tag, including plastic, metal, custom-shaped, or reusable name badges. You don’t want to miss out on the opportunity of making your brand stand out.

High-quality Name Badges from Name Tag Pros

Ready to order your business name tags? Give Name Tag Pros a call today, and let us get started on your order. We can help you no matter where you are in the design process. Let us help you make your business look great!

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