Creative Name Tag Designs to Impress

Whether you are running a business of any size or planning an event, it’s important to look past the tasteless, plain “My Name is…” sticker name tag. Going the DIY route is not much better as you communicate a lack of professionalism to clients, customers, and attendees. It just takes a little bit of creativity to design a name tag that will impress others. 

Creative Employee Name Badges

Employee name badges are often a part of a uniform, and they allow customers and clients to identify your staff members easily. They don’t have to be elaborate to be impressive. Most of the time, the simple design includes your company name and full-color logo along with your employee’s name. You may also choose to include your staff member’s job title or position. Engraved plastic name tags are available in a wide variety of colors, so it’s easy to choose one that is complimentary to your logo and helps with your branding efforts. They are durable and long-lasting, which is needed since employees wear them to work day after day. 

Creative Event, Tradeshow, and Conference Name Tags

Name badges are essential whether you are hosting a summit, sales meeting, tradeshow, conference, or another event. They can serve as entrance credentials, firstly. But they also facilitate attendees’ efforts to interact with one another. Name badges are a simple strategy that helps make people approachable by sharing some piece of information about them, such as their name, company affiliation, or position. A conference name tag usually includes items such as:

  • Attendee’s name
  • Company name 
  • Company or event logo
  • Job title
  • Role (exhibitor, speaker)

Make Name Tags Personal

Name tags can be instrumental in making a lasting impression and beginning a long-term relationship, whether on a personal or professional level. Depending on your event or business style, you may want to add a creative, personal touch to your name tags. A few creative ideas that can make a name tag more personal include:

    • Pronouns
    • Favorite quote
    • Nickname
    • College mascot
    • “Employee since (year)”
    • Favorite pastime
    • Zodiac sign

Tidbits of information like these examples can personalize an experience for your customers, depending on your industry. 

Different Name Tag Shapes for Different Businesses

Using a different shape for your name tag design can go a long way when it comes to creativity. When choosing a name badge design, you’ll have to decide on the color, style, and size. Additionally, you’ll have the option of choosing a shape you like best, one that is complementary to your design. Here are the main options you’ll have to choose from.

Rectangular Name Badges

Rectangular name tags offer plenty of room for information you need to be included on the front. You can include your full-color logo if you’d like and other relevant information. The boxed corners offer an extra professional touch, so they are ideal for most industries, but a great choice for industries such as:

  • Banks and Financial Institutions
  • Hospitality staff
  • Realtors
  • Sales agents
  • Insurance agents
  • Medical staff
  • Waitstaff

    Oval Name Tag Shapes

    Oval name tags have a smooth, rounded edge that can provide a softer look. There is still plenty of room for a logo, employee names, and positions. Depending on your color scheme, the softer look can be great for settings where employees are customer-facing. They are great for settings such as:

    • Restaurants and food establishments
    • Retail
    • Front desk staff

    Custom Shaped Name Badges

    You always have the option of creating a custom-shaped name tag in whatever shape you’d like. When you go with a custom shape, you can make a huge first impression. You’ll still have plenty of room for the essentials such as company name, employee or attendee name, and a logo. A few examples of custom designs include:

    • Music note or guitar-shaped name tags for a music store
    • House or key-shaped name badge for a real estate company
    • Football, basketball, or baseball-shaped name tags for sports bars
    • Tooth shape design for a dental office 
    • Paw print or an animal shape for a veterinary office

    If you own a restaurant, you could choose a hamburger shape, a taco shape, or the shape of your establishment’s famous drink. The sky really is the limit!

    Get Your Custom Name Badges from Name Tag Pros

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