The Difference in Your Brand and Your Logo on a Name Badge

There are a lot of benefits you can enjoy by using a full-color name badge for your business. But it’s important not to confuse your brand with your business. What’s the difference? And why does it matter anyway? Here’s a look at the difference between your brand and your logo, as well as why it’s important to include your logo on company name badges.

Brands vs. Logos

Your company’s brand is what you are, what you want to be, and what you aim to become. For some, it’s a promise of service, trust, or quality. A brand is what makes the company unique. Your logo represents your brand, your company, and your commitment to your customers or clients. 

  • Brand: A type of product manufactured by a company under a specific name
  • Logo: A symbol or design used by the organization or company to identify its products, vehicles, uniform, etc. 

It’s important to create consistency by using your company’s logo on everything. This personalizes each item as it represents your company. Logos should be used on everything from shirts to gifts to name tags. Your logo communicates that you are proud of what your company stands for. 

Full-Color Logo Name Tags

If you want to maximize your branding efforts, add your logo to your name tag design. Whether you choose a metal or plastic name badge, it can be customized to match your business environment and your brand. Logos are printed or engraved depending on the type of name tag you choose. Many businesses use uniforms and name tags to help symbolize their quality. High-quality name tags that display your logo create a positive influence and make the statement that your services and products are consistently high-quality. At Name Tag Pros, we can help you choose name badges that will reflect your company’s commitment to quality. 

5 Full-Color Logo Name Tag Design Principles

Logo Size

The size of your logo can make a difference. The more detail it has, the harder it can be to see in smaller sizes. A logo that looks good on a nameplate may not have the same effect on a name tag.

Color Scheme

If you are using color name tags, think about what will match or complement the colors used in your logo. Think about how to contrast the colors of your logo with name tag colors. There are lots of options. A dark-colored logo looks great on a contrasting lighter-colored name badge. You can also use a full-color logo on a name tag that matches. 


No matter where you put your logo on your name tags, make sure it’s visible. Contrasting colors, engraving style, and name tag materials can all come together to create a stunning design. 

Logo Orientation

The orientation and shape of your company’s logo can make a difference in where you put it on your name badges. A horizontal logo design works well placed across the top of a name tag. Placed on the side, the same horizontal logo is difficult to see. As a general rule, vertical logos are best on the left or right side, while horizontal logos look best on the top or bottom of the name badge. 

Single or Multiple Colors

The artwork included in a logo can make a huge difference as well. At Name Tag Pros, we can help you decide which is best for your design. You have plenty of options, including a single-color logo or a full-color logo name badge design.

Contact the Professionals at Name Tag Pros

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