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Employee Name Tags

Ironic…So you need to order employee name tags but have absolutely no idea how to make that happen, no worries, we are professionals.

First off like McDonald’s there are lots of options – in other words – name tags combo’s (did you see the play on words?) Let it sink in you will get it in a moment… First off there are basically two types of employees, ones that will be around a while and those temporary workers. If you have  a large turnover in staff then a reusable employee name tag would be the way to go. These badges are basically a tag with logo only and a place to imprint the name. Most businesses use a label maker to personalize the badges but a sharpie works as well. When the employee leave simply take the name off and replace it with the new name and you are back in business Reusable badges are available in a variety of styles such as

  • Window Badges
  • Plastic Full Color Name Tags
  • Metal Name Tags
  • Eco Friendly – for those of you with a social conscience.

Reusable tags are made to be ordered in bulk but small orders for those businesses just getting started are never a problem. Reusable badges can be any style, any size with any number of colors of imprinting (options, options, options!)

The second style of employee name tags is the standard format that you see every single day. Most people make ordering name tags for their employees way to difficult. Here are the things to consider.

  • Size – yes size matters (once again play on words – did you get it?) Our opinion is that the tag should fit the artwork. In other words if you have a logo, name and title that you want on the badge, you need a larger tag. If you only have a small logo and first name, you simply need a smaller name tag. We charge the same regardless of the size so our priority is to make sure that your tag looks fantastic! Simply that is all we care about.
  • Metal or Plastic – Plastic is a bit more durable, however metal has a much more upscale look. Once again the price is the same so if you need a bit more durability – go plastic. If you are wearing a suit and tie – metal is the way to go.
  • Pin or Magnetic Backing – 98% of our clients choose the magnetic backing. The magnet attaches without punching a hole in your clothing – no brainer if you are wearing nice clothing. Magnets are a bit more expensive but well worth it.
  • Full Color Printing or Engraved – This choice depends upon your design. If you have a really colorful full color logo – by all means print that puppy! However some people still prefer the classic engraved name badge. Engraved badges have a letter/logo color and a surface color only. When we engrave through the surface the lettering is revealed. Classic look with great durability which is why this style remains a top seller.
  • Custom Shape or Stock Shape – If you have a really cool design, a custom shaped badge should be a consideration. Yes they are slightly higher in cost but they make your brand really stand out. Face it name tags are pretty boring, so if you can spice things up with a custom shape go for it!.

So you see lots of options for such a simple product. But no worries if you are confused, just give us a call or email and we can hold your hand to make sure you are absolutely thrilled with your employee name tags purchase – remember – we are professionals (once again – PLAY ON WORDS)