Enhancing Networking Efforts Using Your Event Name Badges

Even though networking isn’t always the primary intended result of business events, it is a great secondary benefit. If you are hosting an event, it’s important to help facilitate networking among your attendees. One of the most effective tools to help encourage networking is leveraging name tag use.

Approachability increases greatly as soon as a person puts on a name badge. Name tags are one of the most essential ingredients for engagement. Let’s take a look at a few ways name badges can help increase approachability in a professional setting. 

3 Ways Event Name Badges Improve Approachability

Invitation to the Conversation

Event name tags serve as an open invitation for others to get to know the wearer. Name tags personalize and humanize attendees. It allows attendees to use first names rather than generalities such as “the guy in the blue shirt” or “the lady with the short brown hair.” Instead, they can refer to James or Jean from a specific business or organization. Name badges help remove social barriers and pressure to remember new names. 

Tension Tamers

Have you ever been to an event where organizers didn’t provide name badges? It’s very likely that you tended to gravitate toward those attendees who wore their own name tags. Name badges are a small item that can greatly relieve anxiety many people often experience when trying to begin a dialogue. Most of the time, the more quickly you learn a person’s name, the quicker you feel at ease around them. Wearing name badges helps to break down those initial barriers and become foundational for starting conversations. 

The Foundation of Friendliness

Name badges can help promote a sense of friendliness at an event. When you put on a name tag, you put your name out there for all to see. Of course, there are many layers beyond the context of appearances and names. However, they help make you more approachable and seem more friendly.

Business Networking Event Name Tag Help

Name tags serve an important function no matter what type of business function you are hosting. Event name badges help identify attendees to one another and can help them network with fellow industry professionals of interest to them. However, it’s essential that the name tag be properly designed. Investing in and using high-quality name badges is well worth the effort and a great ROI.

Prevent Poorly Designed Event Name Tags

A distant glance at a name tag helps identify other professionals for networking purposes. A well-designed name badge makes the task easier and helps avoid some of the typical problems that often exist at business networking events. Here are some signs of badly designed name tags.

  • Handwritten Name Tags. Now that we are in the digital age, handwriting is no longer considered an art. A “Hello, my name is…” sticker wreaks of unprofessionalism and makes your event look cheap. Depending on the person’s handwriting, they can be difficult to read, which can defeat networking efforts. 
  • Business Card Holders. Even a well-designed business card shouldn’t be crammed into a holder to use as a name badge. Most business cards have such small fonts that they are difficult to read even up close.

Best Practices for Designing Event Name Badges

Getting as much as possible from your event name badges is essential. To ensure they are effective, here are a few design tips.

  • Choose magnetic name tags. It is worth it to invest in magnetic name badges. This style helps protect clothing without using pins that can cause damage. 
  • Test the size of your font. When you are looking at the style of your name badges, make sure they are legible. They should be readable at a distance to increase networking efforts.
  • Prominent name and business. Both the attendee’s name and business should be prominent on the name tags. It should be easy to tell what a person does quickly. Other attendees will use a name tag to decide if others are worth talking to, so make sure name badges represent your attendees fairly.
  • Wear them right. Name tags are usually worn on the right side, which makes it easier to read when shaking hands.

Get Your Event Name Badges

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