Get Ready for Name Tag Day – March 9th, 2023

Did you know that every year in March, Name Tag Day is celebrated? Most years, Name Tag Day is on the first Thursday in March as part of Celebrate Your Name Week. Since this year, CYNW is celebrated the first full week in March, so that puts Name Tag Day on Thursday, March 9, 2023. If you think about it, your name is the most identifying and personal thing about you. It’s a time of year when we can all show appreciation for our names and hopefully learn more about them.

Why Name Tag Day?

Name Tag Day is meant to bring attention to everyone in a world where it’s easy to live anonymously. For one day, each individual is encouraged to wear a name tag and visually ask the world to “Look at me!” Many people choose to wear their name tags to their jobs, while out shopping, or while going to visit their friends or family. The intention is to help people connect with others who would have just gone their own way on an ordinary day. It’s a great way to introduce yourself to the world around you.

History of Name Tag Day

Onomatology hobbyist Jerry Hill is accredited with starting Name Tag Day in 1997. Hill founded Celebrate Your Name Week because of his understanding of how a name plays such an important role. His goal was for people to meet and connect with each other instead of walking on by. It’s a fun way for people to connect and socialize. Hills noticed that people could live in the same environment for many years without knowing one another.

Calling a person by their first name creates a quick connection, familiarity, and ultimately community. Hills proposed the name tag as a sort of icebreaker, it’s its own introduction, and people can take it from there. Remember the Seinfeld episode where he suggested that everyone needed a name tag?

Cool Facts About Name Tags to “Wow” You!

  • It all started with the laundry. Using name tags has been traced back to the early military. They developed laundry tags to identify clothing that belonged to different individuals. 
  • Early Form of Punishment. The Roman Emperor, Nero, used name tags in 34 A.D. However, he used them as a form of punishment for offenders. 
  • Touch. The phrase “name tag” comes from a word from the Middle English word, “tek.” The word tek means to tap or touch.
  • Reasons to Love Name Tag Day

    Have you ever lived in a neighborhood or community where everyone knew everyone else’s name? If you have, you’ll remember, and if you haven’t, then try to imagine it. It’s easier to feel safer and less lonely when you know the names of the people around you. Name Tag Day is the perfect occasion to help people feel like they matter like they are special. Everyone deserves that. It’s too easy to feel alone and invisible in this crazy world; Name Tag Day is a great way to remind others (and yourself) of their importance. And finally, the best part of Name Tag Day is getting to meet new people. It’s great when new friendships form from reading a person’s name on a name badge.

    Ways to Celebrate Name Tag Day 2023

    Celebrating Name Tag Day can be as simple or complex as you want. Here are just a few ideas for ways to make the day special.

    • Wear a Name Tag. Just wear a name badge with your first name on it. If you want to encourage more conversation, add a creative element that will make people ask you questions. 
    • Ask Someone What Their Name Is. You have noticed the guy walking down your street every day, why not ask him his name? it might lead to a conversation. You may find out something interesting about what he does for his job, or a hobby. You may just make a new friend.
    • Call Others By Their Names. Using people’s names to address them creates an air of friendliness. Calling individuals by their names, especially on Name Tag Day can be the start of a great relationship.
    • Name Tag Day Creations

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