Why Photo Id Badges Make Great Name Tags for School Settings

With the surge of school violence, school security and safety are at the forefront of many minds today. Schools across the US are often the targets of shootings and frequent bomb threats. Many schools have implemented stricter safety measures to keep students, staff, and visitors safer on their campuses. One of the most popular and effective steps schools can take is to implement photo ID badges. Here are a few ways your school may benefit from a school ID program including photo ID name tags.

Quickly Identify and Control Access to Key Areas

Students and staff who wear photo ID badges are quickly and easily identified. They can be granted access to locker rooms, parking areas, libraries, classrooms, and other areas on the school campus. Those who are not enrolled are also easily identified so access to these areas can be quickly restricted. By wearing photo ID name tags, security and resource staff easily identify individuals who are not permitted on school premises. This increases the safety of staff and students.

Make Visitors Stand Out

Schools have many people visit their campuses every day. Parents and other volunteers, tutors, delivery personnel, and other visitors can add a lot to the educational system and keep it flowing smoothly. IDs can identify visitors so they stand out from the staff and students. You have more control over tracking when they arrive and leave your campus. Visitor badges often help a visitor feel like they are part of the team that is helping students succeed. Visitor identification is also useful for non-frequent visitors to campus. Talk to us about the various name badge options you have available.

Identifying Staff Members for Increased Safety

Emergencies are common to school campuses and it’s important when they arise that students can identify staff members quickly. Students may need assistance quickly, being able to identify a staff member can play an important part in helping the emergency be handled quickly. Staff members often have special skills or responsibilities that are useful in these types of circumstances. These items can be indicated on the Photo ID badge.

Encourage Engagement and Increase School Spirit with Photo ID Name Badges

Sharing an identity with large groups of people like family, an organization, or a school can be grounding for individuals. You want to instill a sense of belonging in your students. You can easily integrate your school colors and mascot into your name tags. You’ll give your students the gift of belonging and increase their sense of school spirit.

Let Name Tag Pros Help You!

If the idea of photo ID name badges is a new one for you, don’t worry. At Name Tag Pros, we have the experience and expertise to help you design the perfect photo ID name badge for your staff and student body. We make the process of ordering name badges simple and fast. Call us today and let’s get started!

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