Re-orderWell you have previously placed an order for name tags and now you need additional tags, what do you do? Do you fill out the order form? Do you jump through hoops with a name tag designer program? Do you even know if the company you purchased your last tags even knows who you are? No worries we have you covered.

Here at we keep reorders simple and easy, as always. We keep all past orders and artwork on file so reorders are never a hassle. All you need to do is call or email us and we can do the rest. Most clients send a simple email such as… Hi we need a new tag with the name NELL on it… and we do the rest. We enter the order and send a production proof and order confirmation for your approval. Once we have that we ship the name tag or tags out. Normally the entire process takes on 48 hours.

You see simple… and that is the way – EVERYONE – likes it.