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How to Personalize your REUSABLE NAME TAGS

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Reusable Name Tags

How to Personalize your Reusable Name Tags

So you need reusable name tags for your business but have a high turnover in employees, what do you do? PAY THEM MORE – just kidding. The nature of some businesses, such as restaurants, hotels,  convenience stores and certain service industries is that they have high turnover in employees. They need name tags but it is impractical to have a custom personalized badge created for someone who may only be employed a few days. Relax, I have the solution to this vexing question (you knew I would, and yes you can stop laughing).

ptouch label maker

Our reusable employee name tags are designed so you have the ability to personalize the tags onsite with a label maker. We imprint your employee name tags with your unique logo or design but leave a space for you to add the employees name. The label maker produces an adhesive strip with the employees name and you simply stick it to the name tag. SImple – Easy – COST EFFECTIVE (you like that don’t you) and Fast. Have I mentioned the best part? If the employee leaves you simple peel the strip off and replace it with a new victim – sorry new employees name strip. The label makers are really cool and offer different color name strip, type styles, and unique designs for the label. The label maker cost around $30 for the starter version or go crazy and spend over $100. In addition to creating the labels for name tags there are many uses around the office where the label maker will come in handy. So it is a WIN WIN!!! (and yes I hate the term WIN WIN)

Reusable restaurant staff badge

Another advantage of reusable name badges for your employees is the fact they simply cost less than the personalized badges. Most companies purchase the badges in bulk since they personalize the badges onsite, and the more you buy the more you SAVE!(that’s a sales ploy – did you see that coming?

All kidding aside our customers love the ability to reuse their employee name badges and the label maker does an outstanding – and professional – job of personalizing their badges. Great look, low cost, easy to use, what more can you ask for.

So when you need badges for your employees remember to trust the professionals as nametagpros – where we make ordering badges simple,easy and hassle free.