Name Tags: A Key Component to Visitor Management

Having a visitor policy is important for workplace safety. But developing a visitor policy can seem overwhelming.  Most offices host visitors of various types each workday. Visitors may be business partners such as vendors, clients, job candidates, or delivery personnel. Even though having visitors in and out of the office can be a sign of a healthy company, there needs to be an effective way to manage them as they come and go.

Visitor Policies and Their Importance

Visitor policies involve procedures put in place to help track people who enter the office. It’s easier to mitigate potential risks and ensure employee safety when you know who will be in the office space. It also helps ensure employee productivity while protecting your company’s intellectual and work property. Another benefit to managing visitors is ensuring interactions between visitors and your employees run smoothly and are as productive as possible. 

Goals of a Visitor Policy

Developing a solid policy for how visitors are managed at your company can provide many benefits. When it is well-designed, it will achieve these goals:

  • Preserve Compliance and Safety. Your visitor policy is the key to ensuring the safety of your employees, your company, and your visitors too. Visitor management systems are designed to help you provide the protection your company needs. Features like visitor name badges, digital signatures, and taking visitor photos help keep everyone safe. It is also beneficial for ensuring your company’s compliance with any state, federal, or internal regulations. 
  • Minimizing Disruptions. When your visitors are managed efficiently and professionally, it helps ensure productivity isn’t hampered by any unnecessary interactions. You can help visitors get the most out of their time, too, by ensuring meetings are well-scheduled and any supplies or resources that may be needed are available. 
  • Creating a Positive Visitor Experience. Having a visitor policy in place helps ensure your visitors have a pleasant and efficient experience. Creating and maintaining a positive experience for your visitors is important since unpleasant interactions are often remembered before pleasant ones. When you have a strong visitor policy, it can be a win-win situation.

What Should Be Included in a Visitor Policy?

 visitor policy doesn’t have to be complicated. It just needs to be clearly stated. You’ll also want to make sure to inform your employees about the policy. Everyone who works in your office or workspace should know what is stated in the policy and where to find it should they need it. Every employee should follow the visitor policy. You’ll want to include these types of guidelines.

Simple, But Direct Sign-in Procedures

To ensure your visitor policy is effective, it should start with sign-in procedures. Usually, visitors are greeted by a receptionist and then invited into the meeting. Having a live receptionist can provide a professional, friendly face for your company; however, it also has a few drawbacks, including:

  • Hiring a receptionist. It can be difficult to find great talent today. On average, it takes 36 days to hire new talent. Additionally, over 33% of newly hired employees look for other employment within the first six months.
  • Receptionists are not always available. Even if you have a full-time receptionist, they may need a bathroom break, have an urgent task to complete, or be busy with other visitors. 
  • Schedule changes. Receptionists sometimes do not know about schedule changes. They may also be unaware that a frequent visitor is no longer allowed on the premises. This can lead to embarrassing situations and disruptions to productivity.

Identification Requirements

It’s important to ensure each visitor is documented and easily identified. You may require them to sign into a logbook, where they record the date and time of the visit. There are also technological visitor data tracking options. Additionally, you’ll want to provide some type of identification. You may opt for reusable name badges that match your full-color logo employee name tags. Another option is just a logo name tag that says, VISITOR. Either way, the visitor is identified, and the name tags are reusable, which saves you money.

Policy Enforcement

No matter how you build a visitor policy, it has to be enforceable. There may not be a single solution for every difficult situation encountered. You’ll need to work with security personnel, managers, and a facilities team to determine how to handle various scenarios that may occur.

Need Visitor Name Tags?

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