4 Post Covid Event Budgeting Ideas Including Event Name Tags

With over 70% of the US at least partially vaccinated, event planners are going back to work. However, there is still a moral obligation to help ensure the safety and health of attendees. Due to the pandemic, some new standards came into place. Vendors and event planners need to be aware of the changes and adhere to them. In most cases, this means considering different costs for their event budgets. There are a lot of ways to reduce spending and cut budgets while continuing to host outstanding, professional events. Take a look at these four budget-managing ideas.

Providing PPEs

Face masks will continue to be a part of indoor events for a long time to come.  Savvy event planners will include face masks for indoor events and sunscreen for outdoor event attendees. An event coordinator should make sure to have at least two masks for each attendee per day of the event. To budget for masks, gloves, and face shields, you’ll need about $5 per person per day. You can offer sponsors the opportunity of having their logos placed on event PPE.

Staffing Budget

With new health and safety protocols in place, you may need to ensure extra event staff. They will be needed to monitor COVID-19 protocols mandated or expected in your region. They can help monitor hand-washing stations, mask-wearing, and social distancing. This may require a few more people on hand than just watching for event name badges at the entryway. Unique name badges help to identify staff and essential personnel. Attendees can quickly identify those who can help.

Food & Beverages

Food services are more complicated since individuals must remove masks to consume food and drinks. It may be worth it to try and plan for outdoor venues that allow space for safe dining. Instead of traditional buffet-style eating, individually wrapped meals and utensils help prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

Include Virtual Options

Virtual events took over during the height of the pandemic. Now that we are returning to in-person events, some still prefer a virtual option. This offers your event a lot of flexibility and can provide more exposure in the long run, if it’s handled right. Video connections allow participants to join in live sessions offering them the same personal touch without meeting in person.

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