5 Traits of an Exceptional Event Planner

Whether you are a professional event planner or just do it on the side, it can be rewarding and taxing at the same time. It’s easy to miss small details, and forgetting larger ones does happen from time to time. There are a lot of qualities needed to become a great event planner, especially if you’d like to do it on a professional level. Here are a few of the top qualities you’ll need to be successful.

Outstanding Organizational Skills

Event planners need to be very organized individuals. It’s important to have a keen eye for detail as well as sharp organizational skills. Planners need to keep client timelines on a tight schedule, budgets in check, and all the details running together like a well-oiled machine. Not only will you need to be able to meet deadlines, but you’ll need to be able to recall the tiniest details. From scheduling deliveries to setting up, everything must be done on time – and be done with a smile!

Good Understanding of Events

As an event planner, you’re the glue that holds the team together to create a winning event. That doesn’t mean you have to handle every task by yourself. But you should know who you can call to get every detail handled appropriately. Having a good understanding of how events work helps you create a floor plan, plan how long the meal will last, how many people can fit into a room, how to work with catering staff, and where to order event name badges

You’ll need to be knowledgeable about hiring DJs and bands, rentals, décor, florists, and more. It’s also useful to know if client requests are reasonable or unreasonable. Having a good grasp of these basics helps you build strong relationships with suppliers and create great event experiences.


Since an event planner’s job doesn’t end after business hours, you’ll need a flexible schedule to make sure everything gets done right. You may need to think on your feet and make fast decisions sometimes too. It can feel like everything is in a constant state of change. It is, and your job is to create a concrete event out of all the moving parts. You never know when something may happen, such as a florist sending the wrong flowers, or a caterer who backs out at the last minute. You will need to be able to adjust quickly. 

Exceptional Communication Skills

Communication is foundational in event planning. All the details will need to be discussed with vendors and venues ahead of the event. You may be busy discussing the menu with the caterers, talking about the décor with a vendor, and working on other details like setting up the registration table. Your client has no idea that you are working so hard on their event! It’s essential to keep close contact with them, so they are informed along the way.


There is no room for vague conversations in event planning. Sometimes, you’ll need to make snap judgment calls using a firm, decisive tone. If you don’t, confusion can result. It’s important to have a decisive attitude to prevent confusion between vendors and keep the event running smoothly.

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