Four Advantages of Restaurant Name Badges

Most restaurants have a standard uniform for their employees. And for the most part, they include a name tag. There are a lot of advantages to using restaurant name badges. The name tags and uniforms can be color coordinated so they not only look sharp but provide continuity with the business logo. Here are four ways a name tag can affect your business, employees, and patrons.

Easily Identify Staff

Restaurant name badges give your employees an official appearance. Creating a standard name tag with employee’s names printed on them helps both other employees and customers easily identify your staff. This is helpful especially if not all employees wear a standard uniform. For example, a hostess may wear regular clothes as she greets customers, and dishwashers might deviate from the uniform since they work mostly out of sight of the customers. Since it is possible not all employees know one another, especially in restaurants with larger staffs, name badges make employees easy to identify. Restaurant name badges help employees identify colleagues and address them by name.

Reinforces Branding Efforts

When employees wear full-color logo name tags, it helps with your branding efforts. Employees who all wear the same name badge help their uniform and name tag become part of your brand because it defines how servers and staff members look. Branding is more effective when your logo is imprinted on your restaurant name badges. When staff wears uniforms home, it’s almost like getting free advertising! When they stop for gas when traveling to or from work, your logo and restaurant name is being seen. It’s also getting your name out there if they stop at the store on their way home.

Helps Customers Feel More At Ease

Customers feel more comfortable in your establishment when they can easily identify your restaurant employees. If they need assistance, they know exactly where to go. When customers can see the name of those who are serving them, they feel better connected. It’s also easier for them to request help if they know their server’s name. They can request their server by name if they need to change their order or need to add an item.

Increase Security

Your restaurant name badges can offer an increased level of security, especially in larger eating establishments. Someone trying to enter a kitchen or other restricted area is quickly identified as a non-employee. Some restaurants also have computer systems that can track orders, service, and employees by using swiping name-tag cards. This type of system ensures only authorized employees have access to machines, payment processes, and order information. In emergencies or in case of an injury, employees are quickly identified as well.


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