How To Order Your Sorority Name Tags

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Ordering name tags for your sorority should be simple and easy. You already have enough to worry about, why add this to your list. Good news, we are sorority name tag experts. We are so blessed to provide name tags and badges for sorority recruitment to chapters all across the US. Since this is one of our areas of expertise, we are able to make ordering your sorority name tags a very easy process.

  • To start the process, we simply need to know the design you are interested in purchasing. We offer a wide variety of badges so send a screen shot or brief description.
  • Next, we will need the color name tag you desire
  • We will also need to know if you want a metal or plastic name tag (both are the same cost)
  • Now that we have the tag information, we will need the list of names and titles for officers for the name tags. You may send that in a simple email, excel or word document.
  • We will need your shipping address
  • And last but not least we need to know when you need the tags to arrive.

Once we have that information we will produce a few proofs of the design for you to select from. Once we have your selection, we will send a proof of every name tag for your final approval. Once you are ok the designs we will produce and ship the name tags. Simple and easy right? 

For every order of name tags for your chapter, we will need the following information.

  • Your name and address.
  • Your university.
  • Your email address – if you use a generic chapter address, we will need a second email address not a chapter address.
  • Your phone number
  • The chapter presidents name and email address
  • The date you need the name tags

If we do not have that information we can not proceed with your order.

Payment is also simple and easy. You may pay with a chapter check or credit card. Should you decide to pay with a chapter credit card we will provide a secure online link to pay.

As always if you have any questions simply give us a call or email and we will gladly help you.

We are open Monday thru Friday 8 am till 5 pm Central Standard Time.

Finally, we have information about reorders – we keep those simple and easy as well. We keep all the information about your order on file so all we need is a simple email with the update information and we will get started processing your order.

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