How to Get the Maximum Marketing Value from Your Business Name Tags

As a small business owner, you know how important it is to explore creative marketing strategies. One under-acknowledged, yet powerful tool your company can leverage for its marketing value is the name tag. They are particularly valuable if you or your representatives participate in meetings, events, or if you do work in the field such as sales. Not only does it help with names and introductions, but it provides advertisement value for your business. Think of it as your own personal billboard. 

4 Ways to Get the Most Marketing Value Out of Your Business Name Tag

Create Custom Name Badges

You may be missing out if you are a small business owner and you don’t have custom name tags. If you’ll imagine attending your local Chamber of Commerce meeting. You are likely to be handed a weak, barely-sticks paper name badge. That’s not going to help you stand out. It’s definitely not promoting your business. This is where the real estate industry excels. They know how to create and display real estate name tags. When you wear a custom name tag, other attendees will know who you are and the value you bring at just a glance. 

Consider Yourself “On Duty” All the Time

It can be frustrating to forget someone’s name right after you’ve met them. Sometimes, people tend to remove name badges when they eat, go out to smoke, change to a breakout session, or attend pre or post activities. Keep your name tag on for the entire meeting. You never know when another attendee doesn’t know who you are. Keep your name badge on all the time. It makes you available to people who may need your services. 

Leverage the Real-time Advertising

Every billboard and ad put out by McDonald’s displays the golden arches. They have built a consistent brand. They did this by keeping all their slogans, lifestyle images, and food the same. They coordinated their messages across all mediums. Think of your nametag as an extension of your brand. It will include your colors, logo, and slogan if applicable. Keeping your name badge consistent with your brand is good advertising. It becomes part of your branding strategy. 

Be Your Own Ambassador

Your business name badge identifies you and anyone who wears it as an ambassador of your company. It has a way of holding whoever wears it accountable to the culture of your company. A full-color logo name badge is similar to wearing a logo shirt. Whoever wears it becomes the personification of your company’s culture. You can wear your name badge proudly knowing you are helping maintain consistency between your performance and the mission of your small business. 

Let Name Tag Pros Help You!

Are you ready to get the maximum value business name badges have to offer? Let Name Tag Pros help you design an unforgettable name badge to represent your company and brand. Our experience and expertise are invaluable to you whether you already have a design in mind or want us to help you create one. We are dedicated to making the ordering process as hassle-free as possible. Call us today at 888-754-8337 to get started!

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