How to Organize Name Tags for Your Next Event

Preparing for seminars, conventions, and other events has almost become a lost art due to the pandemic. But now that things continue to open back up, planning has begun once again. You remember the drill, right? There are tons of things to do to get an event ready. In your rush and excitement to be planning events again, organizing name tags can be a huge help.

You may not think of it as an important aspect but distributing name tags is a key component when it comes to the registration process. Remember that one of the main benefits of a business event is networking. This usually stems from face-to-face meetings. Event name badges make networking much more efficient. Having your name tags organized before the event helps you distribute them more easily. Here are a few tips for organizing event name tags.

Plan Event Name Tags Far in Advance

There are many different options when it comes to event name tags these days. You can have attendees print their own. This seems like an easy answer, but it actually complicates the issue. Even if you offer printing stations at the registration it can be very time-consuming. Make sure to order your event name badges in advance. You can choose an economical option like a simple name tag. Or you may choose Photo ID badges or even bling name tags. Whatever your preference, get them ordered so they are ready before it’s time to set up the event. This helps avoid last-minute technical issues.

Distribute Name Badges at the Event Registration

Many business event organizers prefer to mail out event materials like name tags. This seems to be a valid option, especially as we enter the post-pandemic era. The problem with sending event name tags out before the conference is someone (or more than one) will forget their name badges. It’s best to hand out the name tags and other materials on the first day of the event.

How should event name tags be organized?

This seems a bit basic, but it’s an important tip. If you’ve ever tried to pick up event materials that were arranged by company, guest room, or tables, you understand the confusion. It can be difficult for those working the event to keep things in order too. Keep registration and the distribution of name tags simple by organizing name tags in alphabetical order.

Keep Name Badges in Different Areas

If your event is hosting 50 or fewer participants, you’ll most likely be fine keeping all the name badges in one spot. But if you expect more attendees, you can create long slow-moving lines by keeping all the event name badges on a single table. To avoid this, group name badges together alphabetically and arrange them in different locations. One arrangement might be to put names starting with A through H on one table, I through Q on a second table, and R through Z on a final table. The more attendees you expect, the more groupings you may need to prevent crowding at your registration.

Let Guests Find Their Own Event Name Badges

Letting your guests retrieve their own name badges, can be helpful too. It gives you a way to allow for social distancing and saves time. Staffers may have difficulty finding name tags quickly since they have to look through a table of them to find the right one. Participants can more easily find their own name badges.

 Planning a Post-Pandemic Event?

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