Making Events and Businesses Eco-Friendly with Wood Name Tags

The trend for businesses is leaning heavily toward making eco-friendly and sustainable choices. Making the shift toward greener choices is called green marketing. These trends are about taking better care of our earth and leaving less of a footprint for future generations. Savvy businesses know that going green is one of the best practices they can implement to remain competitive.

Wood Name Tags Show Sustainability Matters to Your Business

There are a lot of ways for businesses to show clientele that sustainability matters.  Wood name tags do that from the very first interaction. When an employee is wearing a wood name badge, an eco-friendly impression is made with every handshake.

Advantages of Wooden Name Tags

In addition to being eco-friendly options, wood name tags also offer a professional look. They can be designed with your business logo or branding images. They are complementary to any professional attire or uniform but are especially beneficial for sporting good stores, parks, garden shops or nurseries, campgrounds, health food stores, and many other settings.

What Makes Wood Name Tags a Natural Choice?

Wood is a natural, renewable resource. It is plentiful and economical, but it is also eye-catching. Wood is naturally a “green” choice since it grows cleanly without needing any other energy source but the sun. Wood name tags require minimal processing, so it lessens the effect on climate change.

Besides the fact that wood is a naturally renewable resource, it creates zero waste. Producing wood is grown in and taken from nature and ultimately returns to nature. The entire tree can be used for environmental purposes including using the bark and chippings for landscaping purposes.

Other Ways to Go Green with Your Business or Event

Environmental issues are on the mind of many businesses and professionals across the industries. Using wood name tags for businesses and events is one way to reduce our carbon footprint. But there are some other ways to manage the specifics of corporate events and trade shows, so you reduce waste. Here are a few ideas.

· Print Less: There are some things that will just need to be printed. But you can reduce the amount of printable materials by making many things available through a website or app. Things like maps, onboarding materials, and e-tickets can be conveniently accessed via a phone.

· Branded Items: Handing out branded swag at your place of business or event is a proven way to improve branding and get your logo out there. Use less plastic and choose swag that is reusable and valuable like branded eco-cups.

· Source Local: When providing food for an event, go with local establishments as much as is feasible. Local suppliers provide fresher food and travel fewer miles to deliver it. If possible, avoid disposable plates, cups, and cutlery. Washable serving utensils is a greener choice.

Order Eco-Friendly Wood Name Tags Today

Many things will take a lot of consideration and planning to implement as you move your business toward more sustainable choices. But ordering wood name tags is quick and easy at Name Tag Pros. Our wooden name badges are made from walnut or alder wood and your graphics are etched directly on the name tag without using ink.

Fill out our convenient online form today and let us create a unique name badge for your business. You can choose magnetic name tags or custom-shaped name tags to represent your business. Let us help you go green, order today!

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