Why Reusable Name Tags Are Your Most Affordable Option

Most commercial settings and companies use name tags for employees. Some also use them to help identify visitors. If your company hires often or has a large turnover, reusable name tags may be a more affordable option. Companies with a lot of new hires can end up spending a small fortune keeping everyone in name tags. Reusable name tags can eliminate the need for constant replacement costs.

Reusable Means Re-Use-Able

The most significant advantage of purchasing reusable name badges is rather obvious. Several people can use them without having to buy new ones over and over. There are several styles of reusable name tags. Some are designed to write names on and then erase them after they are done. Others have places for paper inserts, so names are easily inserted, then removed.

Budget-Friendly Option

If you are looking for ways your company can reduce expenditures and save money, reusable name tags are one solution.  Your logo or brand can be engraved or imprinted on reusable name tags, but instead of ordering them frequently with new names, you can make one big order. In the long run, they save man-hours and repeated costs.

Don’t have to Sacrifice Branding

When you order reusable name badges, you do not have to give up your brand or logo. Custom reusable name tags can still bear your unique full-color logo. Names of employees, staff, or visitors are switched out as needed. This feature is useful for the work environment, trade shows, and events as your company is still being represented.

Environmentally Friendly

Companies that choose to use reusable name tags play a role in maintaining the ecosystem. Since they don’t get tossed every time there is a change in employees, or if an employee changes their name, they are an environmentally responsible solution. When a name tag is no longer needed, it is stored and then reused for the next employee instead of being placed in the trash bin.

Types of Reusable Name Badges

You don’t have to give up style and customization when you choose to save money by using reusable name tags. You also have a great selection to choose from, including:

· Chalkboard reusable name badges

· Dry-erase name tags

· Plastic name tags

· Metal name badges

· Snap cover name tags

· Window name badges

You will also have a choice of backing, including magnetic backings or a pin fastener. Reusable magnetic name tags are versatile and have a more upscale appearance. They are also less likely to damage clothing.

 Let Name Tag Pros Help

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