How to Create the Perfect Name Badge and How to Wear It

Your business’ identity is vital to your success whether you already sit at the top of your industry, or you are just getting started. One of the most powerful tools to help you is high-quality name badges. They help you welcome clients and customers and improve approachability. They help open the doors to communication and make connecting easier and smoother. However, the name badge design matters. If it is not designed or worn properly, it can have the opposite effect. 

 At Name Tag Pros, we have been creating high-quality name badges for over three decades. We understand how important a name tag is to your organization or business. We are sharing these tips to help ensure your name badge is an effective tool to help you grow your business relationships as well as your company. These tips are beneficial if you are about to order name tags for the first time or getting ready to update your business name badges.

 Tip 1: The Power of Legibility 

 Choosing the right size, even if you use a custom size, is important. It should be legible for up to 10 feet. Making sure a name badge is readable relies on choosing a simple font in a large enough size. You don’t want others struggling to try to read the name tag. The background color also helps with the name badge’s readability. Choosing a contrasting color for the background makes your text stand out. The title should be smaller than the name, yet still easy to read. It may vary slightly from the name, but it should still be easy to read. You may want to use italics or underline them. If your budget allows, a full-color logo can make your name badge stand out. The logo should also be a reasonable size. It should be easily recognized from a short distance. 

 Tip 2: Just the Right Amount of Color 

 Choosing the right color for your name badge is critical. You don’t want to choose colors that distract from your logo. The background and font colors should complement your logo, not take away from it. Black or dark blue are commonly used for the font on a professional name tag. To allow for maximum visibility, choose a white, or lighter background to make the font and logo stand out. Use complementary, contrasting colors to create an eye-catching name badge and maintain a professional look. The colors you choose shouldn’t be so bright that they are distracting. You just want them to be part of an attention-grabbing design. 

 Tip 3: Keep It Informative

 Be selective when choosing what information to include on a name tag. Too much information can be distracting and cluttered. Usually, the individual’s name and title along with the company logo will suffice. If there is other information you feel is necessary, consider custom-size name tags or use a larger, ID-style name tag. These options provide more space. 

 Tip 4: Know How to Wear a Name Badge 

 Modern name badges have either a pin or magnetic backing. Either way, make sure you know where it should sit. Whether you decide on the left or right side, it should be about three inches below the collar bone. For events, conventions, and trade shows, the name tag is usually worn on the left to improve networking. When it’s on the left, people approaching can read it easily. 

 Ready to Order Name Tags?

 Let Name Tag Pros put our 30-plus years of experience and expertise to work for you! We will help ensure your name tag has a professional, polished look and helps you put your “best foot forward.” it’s our business to understand the importance of name tags, and to make sure you get the perfect name tag for your business or organization. Call us today at 888-754-8337 and learn what hassle-free ordering is really like!  

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