Designing a Logo that Works on Name Tags & Everywhere

Your logo is beneficial in lots of places, from your e-signature to your uniforms and, of course, on your name tags. But designing a logo can be a bit intimidating. There are many factors to consider, like competitor research, color, logo style, shapes, and fonts. You want to make sure your logo makes a great first impression and a lasting one too. So, here are a few logo design tips to use for inspiration.

Timelessly Distinct

A logo and a brand are not the same things. Logos are more like a spoke in a wheel. They can act as a springboard to your brand’s story and experience. Logo design experts suggest four qualities that every great logo should possess.

  • Simplicity. Make your logo iconic, a hub that you can build other brand elements upon.
  • Relevancy. The images, colors, expressions, and type become the association in the mind of your audience.
  • Memorable. Great logos stand out and are instantly recognizable and memorable. 
  • Scalable. Logos should look great no matter what their size. 

Focus on Your Audience

The most effective branding efforts focus on a specific target audience. It’s not supposed to “speak” to everyone. You want to create a focused visual that connects with your audience. Knowing who you are trying to reach helps you determine the channel, tone, and message. Don’t think as much about your personal taste or style as you do about who you are trying to attract.

Get Two or Three Opinions

You don’t want to miss any important details when you are working on a logo. A second or third pair of eyes can help identify things that may have been overlooked. Once you have a design in mind for your logo, ask others what they think. This helps prevent hidden meanings, words, or possible cultural misunderstandings. Get some input from people in your industry if possible.

Easy on the Eyes

Designing a great logo is really about simplicity. Of course, it needs to be highly memorable. But it should also give the viewer a single image that represents your company, service, or business. It should be easy to look at and glean the entire message you are trying to send. Simplicity should be emphasized over everything. Think of some of the most iconic logos. The Famed Twitter bird, the Apple, and the Nike swoosh come to mind. They are simple, attention-getting, and easy on the eyes, all wrapped into one basic image. Nothing fancy there, but oh so effective. 

Use Color Effectively

You might start by looking at some of the logos of competitors in your industry. This provides you with a good idea of what typefaces and colors are relevant. Color is an identifiable component of visual identity. If no competitors are using a color that is relevant to your specific brand, you can own it as a business. That means you’ll immediately stand out from the crowd with almost no effort. 

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