Designing the Perfect Event Name Tag

If you are an event planner, the first thing on your mind is probably not designing event name tags. You are more likely preoccupied with securing a venue, arranging seating, and ordering catering services. While it may be thought of as insignificant, your event name tag design can have a huge impact. 

Why Do You Need a Custom Name Tag for Your Event?

If you are considering the pros and cons of designing a custom name badge for your event, you’ll find the pros outweigh the cons. Designing a custom name tag will take a small amount of time, but it’s a small sacrifice for the impact you can receive. Here are a few reasons to make sure your next event has custom name tags.

Helping Attendees Form Connections

Who doesn’t like to hear their name being called? Research has been able to show that the “feel good” hormones like dopamine and serotonin are released into the brain when a person hears their name called. It also generates feelings of happiness and compassion, which helps make networking easier. When a person calls another person’s name, it makes it easier for them to connect. Having custom name tags for your event makes it easier for attendees to find other attendees’ names, especially at a large conference. 

Event Name Tags Also Communicate Other Information

Event name badges can communicate more than an attendee’s name. One of the main reasons professionals attend events is for the networking possibilities. Being able to instantly identify industry partners, sponsors, affiliates, and others easily is beneficial. This is why you may want to include other information in the name tag’s design. You can use the space to include information such as industry, email addresses, designation, or company name.

Event Name Badges Encourage Communication

Event name tags help encourage conversation. They make people easier to approach, plus open the door for great starter topics such as “Tell me more about what you do” or “Working on any exciting projects lately?” Name tags help break down invisible barriers between people, so they can quickly build rapport and spark memorable conversations.

Name Tags at Events Serve as Reminders

Many people struggle with remembering names, especially when they first meet someone new. Remembering names is important at networking events. It’s easy to meet so many people at a business event that you forget people you just met. Name tag helps you remember other people’s names and helps you remember a previous conversation.

What Should a Good Event Name Tag Look Like?

Event name tags can be extremely useful at business events, but what about the practical side? What should the name tag look like? Check out these design tips to help you create the perfect and attractive event name tag.

The Name is the Focal Point

The attendee’s name should, of course, be the main attraction on a name tag. Their name should be the largest design element on the badge. This allows it to be read from a distance. Even if the name slightly overshadows event logos or details, it’s okay since name recognition is the primary goal. You can format the name so that the first and last names are on the same line or on two separate lines. The first name should be a bit larger than the last. This gives you plenty of space on the name tag for the name to be the focal point.

Keep the Design Simple

When it comes to name tag design, less is more. You will not need much more than the person’s name and an event or business logo. Depending on the design, you can add a tagline or a website URL. Larger name tags can accommodate social media information to encourage participants to connect online.

Consider the Name Tag Shape

You have plenty of options when it comes to choosing the shape of your event name badges. Traditional shapes include square, rectangular, and oval. But you can choose any shape you’d like. Feel free to get creative when you opt for custom-shaped name badges. You can make them any shape. Just make sure it matches the theme or design of your event. You can choose a hexagon, a heart-shaped, or any other shape you can imagine.

Consider Color-coding Event Name Badges

Depending on the nature of your event, color-coding name badges may be beneficial. Your name tag design can be used to differentiate between various participants, different groups, interests, or professions, for example. Using colors to differentiate groups can help group members find one another and facilitate networking. 

Event Name Tags with an Impact

As you plan your event, you mostly want to get the desired effect out of the name tags and their design. At Name Tag Pros, we have decades of experience and expertise in designing and printing event name badges. We can help you get the effect you want! Contact us today, and let us help you design the perfect name tag for your next event.

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