5 Ways a Great Brand Name Can Be Used to Boost Your Business

You’ve been thinking about starting a business for years, and you finally did it! You put in a lot of sweat, blood, and tears to come up with a company that helps people meet a specific need. You found solutions to their difficult and sometimes painful problems. After determining the legalities, you wrote a killer business plan. You got products or services ready and took one last look over everything before jumping in headfirst.  

Unfortunately, despite all the valiant efforts, your business didn’t even make a splash. No one noticed all your hard work; they didn’t even look your way. A few customers stopped to say “Hi.” But it just wasn’t the response you expected. Sadly, many new businesses don’t make it. They die right after they are created. Branding may be a simple solution for you if you find yourself in this tight spot. 

Having a solid brand can make the difference between your business’s success or failure. Jeff Bezos says, “Your brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room.” To establish a powerful and influential brand, you’ll want to start with a solid brand name. 

Why a Creative Brand Name Matters

A brand and a logo are not the same thing. Your brand is the personality of your business, and it makes the services and products easy to identify. Branding connects your business name, products, services, online presence, and logo. This allows customers to identify and build rapport with a brand easily. You’ll need a unique, creative name brand to be able to compete in today’s marketplace.

How Brand Names Boost a Business

Having a unique brand name makes it easier for customers to understand and remember. Think of brand names like GoPro, Nike, or Apple. These examples make clear and memorable impressions on the minds of potential and current customers. However, setting your business up for success by attracting customers and giving them a clear sense of purpose isn’t the only thing a creative brand name is capable of. Here are five things brand names can do.

A Great Brand Name Draws Attention

Your brand name plays an important role in how memorable the business is to its customers. A solid brand name can make or break a business because making a good first impression with new customers goes a long way. It can ensure the survival of a company.  If you want to be able to communicate the unique qualities of your company, and its unique culture and personality, you’ll want to get off on the right foot with new clients. A distinctive brand name can help you achieve this. 

A Great Brand Name Connects Customers to Your Brand

Your business’s success depends largely on how well your customers perceive your name, goals, and vision. Having a great brand name speaks volumes about the professional level of your company, making it easier to establish rapport and bond with your customers. You need to connect with potential customers on an emotional level, which means your brand should be able to identify, then meet your target audience’s specific needs. You don’t want just to start a business; you want a business that can meet a need or needs that your customer base or clientele are passionate about. This is the way to establish connections that build trust.

A Great Brand Name Helps Boost Sales and Investments

Research has indicated that a business with a great name is more appealing to investors. They even perform better when it comes to stock exchanges. The WSJ reported that businesses with great names out-perform those with bland names by over 30%. Why? Because investors are just customers who are willing to provide capital for a business while expecting a profitable return. Like other customers, the investor is drawn to a great brand name. 

A Great Brand Name Supports Advertising

There is a lot at stake when it comes to branding. But when you get the branding right, you won’t have to spend as many resources developing excessive marketing strategies. Powerful brand names provide great publicity. Tesla, for example, doesn’t have to spend huge amounts of money on advertising, as many huge companies do. They found success by aligning their brand mission (sustainable energy) with the world’s mission. Since customers loved the idea so much, they publicized the company on social media. Tesla gets so much support from just its brand; it doesn’t have to advertise like other companies.

A Great Brand Name Attracts the Right Talent

Having a great brand name can boost your sales and save a business a lot of money on advertising. But it is also the key to attracting extraordinarily talented people. A well-branded company will find it easier to attract employees who understand its goals and share its values. When you create a great name, it’s like starting a new campaign. Employees will feel more pride working with a business that has a solid brand name.

Set Your Business Apart with Professional Name Tags

A business with a great brand name still needs to put its best foot forward with customers. This means making it easy for customers to communicate with your employees. A professional name tag is a great conversation starter and helps your staff seem more approachable to your customers. Contact us at Name Tag Pros to get your full-color logo name tags ordered today!

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