Making Your Manufacturing Event A Success

If you are planning a manufacturing day or event, you want to make sure it is successful and achieves the goals you desire. You’re only going to be with your guests for a few hours, so the most important thing you can do is to establish a connection with them. During the short time you and your guests spend together, you want to give them a good idea of how important what you do is. You also want to demonstrate the technology, advanced skills, and creativity needed to achieve your objectives as a top manufacturer. 

Ideally, seeing your passion for your work will spark something in younger attendees who are just being introduced to manufacturing. You want to inspire them to learn more about the industry effectively. Of course, you also hope that someday they will join the manufacturing team. Let’s take a look at seven ways you can improve your connection with your guests and turn your manufacturing event into a success.

6 Tips for Successful Manufacturing Events

Tip 1: Don’t assume prior knowledge of the industry.

Your attendees may know something about the manufacturing industry, but they may have no knowledge and just want to explore the industry. Most attendees are likely to have no background in manufacturing. Begin by creating a story about your company and communicating it in a way that is easy for anyone to understand. Make sure they gain an understanding of things like:

  • How did your company get its start?
  • What products do you make?
  • Who purchases your products?
  • What do purchasers do with the products you make? (How does it help your customers?)

Keep your explanations simple and stay away from heavy jargon used in the industry.

Tip 2: You probably can’t show them everything.

Showing your manufacturing event attendees every little detail is the quickest way to lose their interest. Choose a few stops that demonstrate the key stages in your production process. Make sure to choose stages that help you show the progress a product makes as it proceeds through the line. 

Think about the best places in your plant that provide an overview of your production process and highlight the work your machines and people do every day. Remember to choose spots where they can get the best view and will be able to hear you. 

Tip 3: Create at least one hands-on experience for your guests.

Obviously, your guests can’t get too close to the machinery. But you can make a display that illustrates what a product looks like and how it changes as it proceeds through your plant. Maybe create something they can literally pick up and hold. If it’s practical, maybe you can provide a souvenir from something a machine can make.

Tip 4: Clean up before your event visitors arrive. 

Make sure your facility is clean and clutter-free. Seep the floors and double-check to make sure all the paths through your plant are easy to follow. Remember that one of the main reasons to host an in-house manufacturing day event is to demonstrate what a great place it is to work. 

First impressions still count! Take a look at the outside of your facility too. What does it look like as the visitor approaches? What are they likely to see first? It’s important to dispel the common myths that manufacturing is a dangerous, dark, and dirty industry. 

You’ll also want to ensure your employees are dressed cleanly and neatly for the tour. This is especially important if they play a role in explaining processes to your guests. Also, encourage them to wear their name badges so they can be addressed by name if the guests have any questions. 

Tip 5: Cater to Your Students/Visitors

The students who tour your manufacturing facility are the workforce of the future. Giving them a tour provides you with an opportunity to give advice about the types of careers offered by your company. They also get to see what type of training and educational coursework you look for when making new hires. This is an optimal time to offer information about the many opportunities available to workers. You may mention any skills or training that a person would need to be hired and let them know where they could find them.

Tip 6: Send Out Invitations

Manufacturing Day is a national celebration of the men and women who work in the manufacturing industry, all 12 million of them! Who should you invite to come and share in the celebration? Here are a few ideas.

  • Employee’s Family Members. Manufacturing Day is the perfect opportunity to invite family members to come see where their family members work and learn more about what they do. 
  • Elected Officials. State, local, and federal elected officials need exposure to manufacturing. Invite them to come and take a first-hand look at your plant. You have an opportunity to educate them about your industry since they often make major decisions that affect you directly.
  • Potential Customers. Inviting potential customers to Manufacturing Day can give them a reason to want to do business with you. It allows them an up close and personal look at your organization and processes.
  • Current Customers. You can turn Manufacturing Day into a customer appreciation event. 
  • The Media. Local reporters often have an interest in manufacturing. News stations sometimes feature local businesses to help showcase the positives in the community. 

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