6 Ways to Market Your Law Firm Locally

Are you ready to spread the word about your law firm throughout your local community? Of course, you can purchase a cheesy ad, but you have some better options. Here are a few ways for you to promote your law firm locally and increase your visibility in your community.

1. Provide Local Pro Bono Work

One great source for smaller law firms is referrals. When you offer your services free to local businesses, influencers, and community centers pro bono, you develop a rapport with leaders. This also provides you with an opportunity to establish yourself as a trustworthy figure with some of the prominent figures in your area. This is useful for building a network since word-of-mouth travels fast, especially across social media. In turn, you are able to create useful connections.

2. Give Away Branded Freebies

Offer free resources to people and businesses in your community. Some ideas include informative leaflets or “how to” guides. These can be delivered via mail or left at local businesses. Some businesses may be willing to keep your leaflets in their business so that their clients can pick up copies. Make sure you put the logo, name, address, and website of your law firm inside the leaflet where it is clearly visible.

3. Reach Out to Local Media and Press

Connect with your local press outlets where you can offer your expertise as a commentator. You may be able to offer interpretations of litigation and legal terms to reporters. Contact radio station producers. They often allow short spots filled with news commentary or practical advice from experts. 

4. Be Active in Local Trade Associations

Your local Chamber of Commerce or current clients may be able to provide you with a list of popular trade associations. Attending meetings at trade associations provides you with opportunities to meet people who may possibly hire you or need your legal expertise. You may also want to volunteer or offer help so you can get on their board of directors. This further increases your outreach and visibility.

5. Place Ads in Local Publications

When advertising is done right, it can be effective at generating business. It’s not advisable to spend a lot of money on mass advertising. You can advertise wisely with a smaller budget. You can use a specific outlet that appeals to people in your niche or specialty.

6. Invest in Law Firm Name Tags

If you want a high ROI, invest in name tags! High-quality law firm name badges are an inexpensive way to advertise your law firm without it seeming like it. When your team wears their name tags with your law firm name and logo on it, it helps boost your branding efforts and builds familiarity.  When you and your staff wear custom name tags, your firm will reap the benefits and help increase firm recognition across the community.

Law Firm Name Badges from Name Tag Pros

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