How to Nail Your Conference Name Tags

Undoubtedly, there have been some major changes in how the world handles conferences and in-person events. When the pandemic hit in 2020, the world was rocked by change, and events were shut down around the world. Now that we are back to hosting events, conferences, and trade shows, a lot of things have changed, such as hybrid event options. Many event organizers now include in-person and virtual options. Conference name tags are still a necessity for in-person participants, and they don’t have to suck.

Sometimes event planners treat conference name badges like an add-on that’s not too important. However, at most events, networking is one of the ongoing positive outcomes that occur. If you want to encourage networking, collaboration, and communication in general, start with the name tag. They have a lot to offer and can help avoid some of those awkward moments when you can’t remember the name of a person you just met. Here are some ways to nail your next conference name tags.

Pros and Cons of Hanging Name Tags

Lanyard name tags – you either hate them or love them. The main downside of using lanyard name tags is that the length of the lanyard is difficult to determine. You don’t want them hanging close to participants’ bellies. That can spark some awkward moments. At Name Tag Pros, we’ll make sure your lanyards are the proper length because hanging name badges can be a great option for events.

Hanging name badges can be a great resource for a large event. Including photo Id name badges help boost security for the event and ensure participants are in the right places. Because of the design, you can make use of both sides. If the venue is large, you may want to print a map on the back of the badges. They provide more printing space in general, so you can include the event schedule or other key information to make the event run smoothly for your guests.

What’s in A Name?

One of the main reasons to use event name tags is to make names available between participants and guests. Name tags are essential for networking to be effective. With that being said, make sure the individual’s name is a good size. The whole point is to be able to read the name badge. The same can be said about the name of the hosting company or organization. The most prominent parts of the conference name tag are the person’s name and the company logo or brand. Using a full-color logo is a great way to catch the eye of others so they will remember it even after the conference has ended. These two elements are the most important features and deserve your attention.

Don’t Waste Space with Meaningless Information

You may want to cram as much information as you can on your event name badge. Before you do, think about each piece of information and its purpose. The attendee’s name is a given; that’s the whole point, right? If your company or organization is sponsoring the event, it can be helpful to include a logo. In some cases, you may want to include the event name, but in most cases, it is unnecessary. Those in attendance know they are there. 

Each event has its own culture. If it is suitable for your event, you may want to include information about the wearer. You may want to include titles such as speaker, vendor, or VIP if they are applicable. But don’t try to add them if they are unnecessary or if they don’t add anything to the event experience. 

Opt for Magnetic Name Tags 

We understand budgets can be tight, especially for today’s event circuit. But choosing magnetic name badges is a great option. Pin backings are slightly less expensive, practical, and effective. But they also poke holes in clothing. If you are planning a high-end event with formal or professional attire, you’ll want to choose magnetic name badges. If it’s a fun event and everyone will be wearing casual clothes, pin backings are a suitable solution.

Let Name Tag Pros Help!

If you are planning an upcoming event, let Name Tag Pros put their experience and expertise to work for you! We can help you with a great event name tag design. If you already have a design in mind, we can create professional, high-quality name badges for your event to help you make a great first impression with your guests. Call us today to see what hassle-free ordering is really like!

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