Employee Name Tags 101: Get the Basics Down

When someone visits your business, who is the first person they see? Your employees, right? Are you already using employee name badges to boost your business’ branding efforts? There are a lot of details that go into designing name badges for your employees. The design has everything to do with how effectively your name tags influence your customers. Employee name badges bring a lot to a company, including improving customer service, communication, and accountability. That’s why it’s so important to leverage each element to get the effect you want. Let’s take a look at how to nail the name badge basics.

Full-color Company Logo

The design of your company’s employee name tags will include your employee’s name. That’s an important feature, no doubt. But almost as important as the name is your company logo. You have plenty of options as to where the logo is placed. The specifics of your full-color logo design will help determine the best placement. The logo can go across the bottom or top of the name badge. Some logos are more aesthetic when placed on one side or the other. The dimensions of your logo will be a big factor in its placement. At Name Tag Pros, we can help you decide where your logo should be placed to be functional and eye-catching.

Choosing the Engraving Style

Your employee name tags are supposed to be attention-grabbing for all the right reasons. Engraving is an essential part of the aesthetics of your name badges. Business name tags are supposed to draw attention to the logo. They are an effective tool as part of your branding strategy. Using full-color engraving and text can include colors that complement your logo. You can literally choose any color for your logo and text. That makes it easy to design an eye-catching design.

Names and Titles

Obviously, the employee’s name will be central to the name badge design. Choose a font style that is easy to read. But it should also communicate something about your company’s brand. Font colors can be black or complement other logo colors. In some industries, it’s beneficial to include job titles or positions along with the employee’s name. If you feel it’s beneficial to include job titles, they should be short, concise, and descriptive.  Most prefer job titles to be placed below or above the wearer’s name and in a slightly smaller font. However, there are other options, and there’s always plenty of room for creativity.

Pin or Magnetic Backings

Name tags are practical and functional. During the design process, you’ll need to determine if you want a traditional pin attachment or a magnetic backing. There are a couple of questions that can help you decide which will be a better option for your work setting.

  • What types of activities will employees be doing while wearing their name badges? 
  • What type of clothing will employees be wearing as part of their work attire?

Your answers to these two questions can help you decide which backing will be best for you. For instance, pin backings may be preferred if you work in an industry like hospitality where your employees are involved in activities such as changing sheets or another industry that involves labor-intensive tasks. But if the bulk of your employees works in an office setting or in positions that don’t require a lot of physical effort, magnetic backings are the better option.

Let Name Tag Pros Help!

There are a lot of things to consider when designing employee name tags. At Name Tag Pros, we understand that your name badges help portray your brand to vendors and customers alike. We’ll help you choose color combinations that don’t clash and that help create an eye-catching design that makes a great impression. We have decades of experience to help you create professional-looking, high-quality name badges for your employees. Call us today and let us help you design an exceptional employee name tag your customers and vendors are not likely to forget!

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