How Name Badges Can Help Your Business Get Positive Reviews

Whether you work solely online, or run a local brick and mortar business, you need customer reviews. Online reviews are important for today’s businesses for a lot of reasons, including helping showcase your business’ reputation, increase sales, and improving the search rankings for websites. Research now suggests that nearly 90% of potential customers are influenced more by customer reviews than by a great sales pitch. Over 80% of potential customers trust a review as much as they count on personal recommendations. 

Benefits of Positive Customer Reviews

Most customers now read at least two or three reviews about a company and its services before making a decision whether to buy or not. This stresses the importance of customer reviews. There are at least four benefits businesses can enjoy from having positive customer reviews, including:

  • Customer reviews establish your business as a recognized force in your industry.
  • The social proof of reviews help increase sales.
  • Reviews help increase traffic to your website which generates leads.
  • Reviews help to optimize your business’s Google presence.

Name Tags and Customers Reviews

Providing good service and taking care of your customers well are the first actions you can take to help increase good customer reviews. But did you know that something as small as an employee name tag can be a powerful review generating tool? There are at least three ways that name badges can help your business.

Name Tags Create A Personalized Customer Experience

Most customers expect a personalized experience when they interact with a business, online or off. Shoppers desire a personal connection with those who are serving them. It also helps to create a more fulfilled consumer experience. It also helps a customer feel personally linked to a brand. When your staff and customers are on a first-name basis, helps build trust, communication, and understanding. All of these are beneficial for positive customer experiences that deserve to be talked about.

Name Tags Help Improve Employee Accountability

When people are easily identified, they tend to watch their behavior more closely. When employees know that their names are attached to the services they offer, they are more inclined to focus on delivering exceptional customer service. Name tags ensure your staff can be identified when interacting with clientele, which heightens employee accountability. In turn, your customer service and customer experience soar. When customer experiences are enhanced, you’re going to get better feedback from your customer base, which improves your online presence.

Full-Color Logo Name Tags Help Boost Your Brand and Image

Customers remember friendly and helpful interactions they have with employees, especially when they know them by name. They associate great customer service with your brand and logo. This helps to create a positive association with your entire company and corporate identity. This increases the likelihood that consumers will continue to be loyal to your brand. Brand loyalty helps create positive reviews. When a prospective customer sees positive reviews about your business, they are more likely to pursue business deals with you. Bringing in new business helps restart the cycle of loyalty and customer commitment once again. All it takes is a well-designed name badge! This simple, but valuable tool can help inspire online customer engagement and help increase your bottom dollar in the long run.

Need Employee Name Badge Recommendations?

At Name Tag Pros, we have decades of experience we’d love to put to work for you! If you are ready to equip your customer-facing employees with a powerful name badged designed to boost your branding efforts and get those coveted positive customer reviews. Contact us today, and let’s get started!

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