Name Tag Capitalization

The importance of wearing name tags cannot be over-emphasized. Name tags offer many benefits for business events and the workplace. Virtually every industry can benefit from wearing name badges including restaurants, the hospitality industry, and academic institutions. Name tag etiquette is important too. They need to be worn properly so they achieve their intended goals. 

Of course, you want your company’s professional name badges to stand out for all the right reasons. One item that cannot be overlooked is the choices you make about capitalization. At Name Tag Pros, we’ll help you with your name tag design so that it represents your company and brand with excellence and looks great. One of the things we will discuss with you is how you want to use capitals in names and titles.  You have a few options.

Basic Rules of Capitalization

Hopefully, you remember all those grammar lessons from elementary school, right? It’s easy to remember that the first letter of a sentence must be capitalized. Most probably remember how to identify proper nouns which also need to be capitalized. But name tags are a different situation, right? Not really, but you do have some leeway when it comes to how you choose to use capitalization on your professional name badges.

First Letter Caps

By far, the most popular choice is capitalizing the first letter of each name or title. The remaining letters in names, titles, etc. are lower case. Most fonts, cursive or print, will follow these basic rules. You may choose to do just names and titles using this format, or you may choose to use a capital first letter with the rest lower case letters for the name of your business or event, titles, names, and other information you may choose to include on your professional name badges.

All Capitals

For some fonts, it’s aesthetically more pleasing to use all capital letters. Using all caps on name badges sometimes offers a more polished, professional look. You may want to use all caps for the business or event name, but choose another format for employee or participant names.

A Good Mix

For some name badge designs, using a good mix of capital letters and lower-case lettering is the best option. The font you choose will also help determine what looks best for your name badges. Ultimately, we’ll help you make sure the name tag design looks great whether that means using all caps or some caps.

Let Name Tag Pros Help You!

Are you ready to order the perfect name tag for your business or event? Let Name Tag Pros help you design the perfect name badge. We can help you with designing, choosing color schemes, and choosing the right font for your design. We have a variety of options including plastic engraved name badges, full-color logo name tags, reusable name badges, and more! Call us today and let us show you what hassle-free ordering really looks like.

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