Why You Should Incorporate Gender Neutral Pronouns on Work Name Badges

Gender-neutral pronouns have recently become more commonplace, and there are numerous benefits to using them. In our English language, “he” has historically been used for generic individuals. Using gender-neutral language is inclusive of everyone. Just because a person appears masculine or feminine doesn’t mean they identify as a man or a woman. They may be nonbinary, agender, or simply uncomfortable identifying with “she” or “he”.  By including gender-neutral pronouns on name tags, you provide inclusivity for everyone in the workplace or at a business event. 

Why You Should Include Gender-Neutral Pronouns on Name Tags

Acknowledging and using gender-neutral pronouns can have a huge impact on the workplace environment as well as the impact of an event. Diversity and inclusion are important elements that help everyone feel comfortable. Here are a few benefits of using gender-neutral pronouns on name badges.

  • Avoids misunderstandings. Meeting someone for the first time can be uncomfortable. Misgendering or misidentifying them doesn’t help. Including gender-neutral pronouns on name tags help break the ice and lets people know immediately how each person desires to be addressed.
  • It demonstrates respect. Using gender-neutral pronouns on name badges helps create a culture of respect. It tells people who are gender-nonconforming, non-binary, and transgender individuals that you respect their choice of pronouns.
  • Normalize their use. Using gender-neutral language on name tags, emails, and signatures helps normalize their use. It immediately communicates how people want to be addressed and it creates a respectful environment for everyone.

  Best Practices for Gender Pronoun Name Tags

Including pronouns on your name badges creates a healthy and diverse environment for everyone. In most instances, pronouns are placed just below the person’s name on the name badge. It will, of course, depend on the specific design, font, and type of name badge that is used. In general, here are the best practices you’ll find used by Name Tag Pros when we create your inclusive name badges.

  1. Using the Right Font Size We will use the right font size for pronouns. If the font is too small, it is difficult to read from a distance and it can create awkward moments or lead to the use of incorrect gender pronouns. Name tag designs should incorporate the right size font when adding gender pronouns. 
  2. Every Name Tag Gets Pronouns Whether you are designing name badges for an event or the workplace, make sure to include pronouns as part of the name tag design. This demonstrates consistency and prevents singling out specific individuals. By having this information on every badge, it becomes standard and encourages everyone to be more aware of an individual’s pronouns. 
  3. Design Workplace Training About Pronoun Use Employee training is essential when implementing new name badges with pronouns. You want to create a workplace that is free from harassment and fosters respect. Training may be necessary for your employees to help them correctly gender and identify their co-workers. Company policy and training can make or break your initiatives toward diversity and inclusion.

Include Pronouns in Your Processes

In our everyday language using “they” “their” or “them” to refer to each other can go a long way in creating a more inclusive culture. These terms are generally accepted for every gender and are non-gender specific. These pronouns can be beneficial for preventing hurtful or incorrect assumptions about a person’s gender. To ensure everyone is comfortable and no one is singled out, job applications and event registrations should include a space where all individuals can signify their pronouns.

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