8 Tips for Taking Great Photos for ID Badges

Wedding photos, graduation pictures, and capturing cute images of your kids are great photo opportunities. But why is it that when you take a photo for your driver’s license or ID badge it just doesn’t look right? Maybe it’s because you are out of your comfort zone and can’t seem to strike a natural pose. You may feel somewhat awkward. ID photos just aren’t always something you want to write home to mom about. Taking ID photos may make you feel a bit nervous too. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can take great-looking photos for work or school ID badges. Here are a few tips from Name Tag Pros.

Tips for Looking Your Best on Your Photo ID Badge


Just the top portion of your body will be seen in an ID badge photo. Make sure to wear a shirt or blouse that is flattering. Avoid distracting patterns, bright colors, and neutrals. They can make you look washed out, especially under fluorescent lighting which most offices and classrooms use. Darker shades of green, gray, burgundy, blue, or black tend to highlight your face and flatter most skin tone types. Softer colors such as soft blue, light yellow, or lilac make your face look brighter and are attractive for most darker skin tones.


Make sure your hair is styled in such a way that it is out of your face. Don’t go for a new look on picture day. Just style it like you typically do. This isn’t the day for you to try a new funky hairdo. Trying something new increases the chances of you having a hair disaster. This is a very common mistake people make on the day of their pictures. Stick to what you know works. If you normally wear your hair longer, place it evenly on your shoulders and allow it to frame your face.


Try to relax your face and smile only so slightly. If you try to force a smile, you’ll come off looking tense. If you smile too little, then you will look unhappy. You may be using this photo ID for a while, so you want to look as friendly as possible. Practice alone in the mirror to find what works best for you. Most importantly, just relax. If you are prepared and calm, then most of the work is already done. Remember at the end of the day, it’s just a photo ID badge. Most people look better in person anyway!

Tips for Great ID Badge Photo Captures


White backgrounds sound like a good idea, but they are not. They tend to give a washed-out look. Use a solid colored background. Neutral, blue, or green shades are good contrasts for all types of skin tones. Having a single background provides good quality pictures that are consistent among all students or employees.


A good photo needs good lighting. Make sure the photo area has good lighting or that they are taken near a window that supplies natural lighting. Make sure there are no harsh lights to cast shadows and that the subject’s face can be clearly seen.  A camera with a flash works well if there is no natural lighting in the area.


 Make sure subjects are positioned so that their shoulders and heads are framed in the photo. They should also be looking at the camera. Use an adjustable tripod so the height can be changed for each person.

Professional Photo ID Badges from Name Tag Pros

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