Tips for Designing Custom Logo Name Tags

There are many benefits that come with using full-color logo name tags. They are eye-catching, professional, and help with marketing and branding efforts. However, it’s imperative to get the logo right to get the most out of logo name badges. A logo you had designed to use on printed media, or the internet will not look as good when you put it on a name badge. Here are a few tips for how to design your logo for your company’s name tags.

Top Four Considerations

As you begin working toward your custom logo name tags, there are several things to keep in mind. Remember that the main purpose of a name tag is to convey the name of the wearer. Here are some things to think about.

A Balanced Design

You don’t need to make the names smaller on your design to accommodate a huge logo. They should be balanced. Trying to make your logo bigger by reducing the font size is just going to make the names and other information harder to read. 

Size of the Name Tag

Size does matter, after all. Most logos are going to be visible but small. You don’t want to add minute details that get lost and are not visible on the name badge. Stick to the basics.

Color Considerations

Choose the name badge’s color so that it compliments your logo. Choosing a yellow name tag with a yellow logo will make the logo disappear. You could use a dark neutral color for the logo if you prefer brightly colored name badges. Using white or lighter-colored name tags will make your full-color logo stand out.

Logo Positioning

If your logo is short and wide, consider placing it at the top or bottom center of the name badge. Logos that are taller than they are wide or square-shaped, usually look best on the left or right side. Another option is to create a custom-shaped name tag. You can design it so that it has a little extra space to hold the logo with plenty of room for names and titles. 

Ordering Full-Color Logo Name Badges From Name Tag Pros

When you order your full-color name badges from Name Tag Pros, you get the best of the best. Many companies have order minimums or charge more for using multiple colors. We charge you the exact same amount for logos with a single color logo or if you want to use 10 colors in the design. We use advanced printing technology so we can print any number of name badges you need with no minimum requirement. You will always get a high-quality, professional full-color logo name tag when you order from Name Tag Pros.

Plus, our team makes ordering full-color name badges super easy. You have choices whether you prefer to order online or call us at 888-754-8337. Most orders are ready to ship in just 24 hours. Call us today and learn how easy and hassle-free ordering name tags can be.

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