How to Plan Inclusive LGBTQ+ Friendly Events

Event organizers know that creating an open, inviting, and safe experience is a must. Attendees should all feel welcome, and events are not successful unless each person feels that they belong. In the event industry, diverse representation is important. To ensure your events are inclusive, it’s important to host LGBTQ+ friendly meetings. Even if the meeting isn’t for an LGBTQ+ organization or is focused on a related topic, the event should be inclusive. Here are a few tips for event planners who want to develop LVBTQ+ friendly events. 

How to Create an LGBTQ+ Friendly Event

1.      Foster Inclusivity in the Event Registration Process

The registration table is the first point of contact for attendees. You can set the tone while they are registering by ensuring each person feels welcomed and included. The registration process starts with a form. Make sure registration forms use gender-inclusive language. Also, ensure to include an anti-harassment and non-discrimination policy that participants must agree to during the registration process. If your event must ask participants for their gender, then make sure to include traditional male and female options, but also include non-binary, other, and “prefer not to say” as options. Language of this type helps welcome transgender individuals, gender-fluid people, and those who may not identify with traditional labels of male and female. Also, remember to provide an option for attendees to opt-out if they do not want to share their pronouns.

2.      Design Pronoun Name Badges

Pronouns are used to refer to a person in the third person. Pronouns include he and him, she and hers, and they or them. It is an individual decision as to what pronouns work best for them. Being an LGBTQ+ ally means not assuming things about a person’s identity based on their name or appearance. There are plenty of ways to allow participants to share their pronouns at your event. Here are a few ideas:

  • Provide Pronoun Name Badges for Attendees. When you design your event name tags, include a line under the attendee’s name for pronouns. 
  • Print Pronouns on Name Tag Holders. If you choose to use name tag holders for your event name tags, print pronouns on them. You’ll have attendees’ pronoun preferences from their registration forms, so it’s easy to incorporate them into their name tag design. 
  • Order Custom Pronoun Stickers. Who doesn’t love stickers? Use custom stickers to print and highlight pronouns, your event logo, or the event name.
  • 3.      Partner with LGBTQ+ Event Sponsors

    Event professionals have access to a wide range of branding and marketing opportunities. Be intentional with the sponsors you choose to work with and ensure they align with your organization's values. As an event planner, you can show your support by partnering with sponsors who support the LGBTQ+ community or are members of an LGBTQ+ friendly organization. Attendees will notice that companies backing your event are also committed to equality and diversity. 

    4.      Use Inclusive Event Messaging and Marketing

    As an event planning professional, you have a tool in your hand. It’s called “event marketing.” Using the right event marketing plan can help earn the trust and commitment of the LGBTQ+ community. When you do this, they’ll feel comfortable spending money and attending your event. Here are two tips for using inclusive event messaging.

    • Create a non-discrimination statement. Make sure you have an open statement that expresses your organization’s dedication to creating a culture of inclusion for all attendees, no matter their age, race, gender identity, religion, sexual orientation, spiritual belief, or disability. 
    • Establish a zero-tolerance policy. Make it clear that hateful and biased language has no place at your event. For example, you may state, “Please note that racist, sexist, homophobic, or otherwise biased language is not tolerated. Attendees who use such language will be removed from the event immediately. “ Your diversity policy should be on your event’s website, social media pages, and on-site during the event. 
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