Creatively Using Plastic Name Badges to Reflect Your Brand

Companies and organizations are always looking for ways to reinforce their brand. It only takes a little bit of creative thinking outside the box for businesses to boost their brand image and create better customer experiences. This can be done with something as simple as a custom name badge from Name Tag Pros.

Additionally, companies stand to benefit in numerous ways from providing employees with name tags. Some of the benefits include boosting employee performance, encouraging accountability, providing better customer experiences, promoting security, and cultivating an inclusive atmosphere. A well-designed, high-quality custom plastic name badge can help reflect the image and value of your brand.

Ways to Design Custom Plastic Name Tags to Reflect Your Brand

Incorporate Your Company Logo

The easiest way to create a custom plastic name badge that reflects your brand is to use your full-color logo in its design. At Name Tag Pros, we can place your logo anywhere on your name tags. A logo can be incorporated into the background, placed at the top or bottom, or situated on either side of a name tag. Using your logo on your name tags provides numerous benefits, including leaving no doubt of what your name tags represent.

Use a Color Scheme Aligned with Your Brand

We can create plastic name badges in any color. This makes it easy to create a name badge design that aligns with your brand and company’s color scheme. This is an effective yet subtle way to create a name tag that promotes your brand’s value. The simplest effect, like using background colors that align with your brand, can leave a lasting impression on the minds of your customers and those you do business with. All of the name badge elements can be customized using brand-supporting colors that resonate with professionalism.

Create a Plastic Name Badge in the Shape of Your Logo

Another option is to create a name tag in the shape of your company’s logo. This is a great way to create a powerful brand impression. We can make a plastic name badge in literally any shape. We’ll work with you to create a name tag that is cut in the shape of your logo, or we can use another recognizable shape or silhouette that is visually associated with your brand. Changing the physical proportion of plastic name tags and using a color scheme that reflects your logo makes a definite impression.

Balance Font, Sizes, and Colors

If you prefer not to change the color, shape, or size of a plastic name tag, you can still create brand alignment and consistency using fonts for names, titles, or other text. Just choose a color that matches your brand well, including one or more of your logo’s supporting colors. You may choose a font similar to the font used in the text on your logo or brand. If your logo doesn’t contain text, just choose a font that provides a similar effect. Think about the weight, lines, and angles of the font. These can easily be aligned with your logo, trademark, or brand.

Align Name Badges with Employee Uniforms

If your employees wear uniforms, you can create a consistent appearance by choosing name tag colors that complement their uniforms. It’s important that name badges and uniforms match, so the colors should be similar or complementary – without clashing visually. If you don’t have employee uniforms yet, you can choose brand-related colors for your name tags, then when you choose uniforms, use the same process to choose complementary colors. This provides a branded, uniform employee appearance that represents your company well.

Let Name Tag Pros Help!

Whether you are a pro at ordering custom plastic name badges or are just getting started, Name Tag Pros have the experience and expertise you need! We can help you choose the perfect color scheme and a name badge style that matches and promotes your company. Contact us today for all your name tag needs!

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