Proper Placement of Name Tags for Business Professionals

Over the years, there has been a lot of discussion about where to wear name tags. When a name badge is part of a standard uniform, the company may dictate where and how a name badge is to be worn. To others, it may sound a bit trivial. However, when you attend a networking event or job fair, the first thing you notice when meeting another person is their name tag. That lets you know that the first thing others notice about you is often your name badge. Whether you are a recruiter or meeting one, your appearance needs to be professional. It’s essential that your name tag is placed so that you maintain a business professional look. 

Name Badges for Business Events

Years ago, most events handed you a sticker “Hello, My Name Is…” name tag. You filled it out with your name and stuck it to the front of your shirt or jacket. Today’s savvy business professionals have realized that this presents a cheap look for their event. With the affordability of custom-made name tags, most order event name badges. It provides many benefits, including creating a more professional atmosphere. If you are attending a trade show or if you are a recruiter, you may want to wear a name tag with your business logo displayed. There’s no easier way to put your best foot forward.

Name Tags and Business Suits

Business events may provide different name tag styles. If you are given a clip-on name badge, it should be clipped to your upper left pocket. Many experts recommend wearing a name tag on the right side. When you are shaking hands when meeting or greeting another person, the name badge is displayed on the part of your torso that is closest to the person you are shaking hands with. This makes it very easy for the other person to check out your name and lets you see their name badge easily. 

Name Tags and Business Dresses or Blouses

If you are wearing a dress or nice blouse that has a pocket, the name badge should be placed on the pocket. If your attire has no pocket, place the name tag on the top right-hand side of your clothing. Women should avoid placing a name tag too close to their cleavage. It should be placed toward the outside portion of your body, closer to the shoulder than the heart.

Business Name Tag Don’ts at Trade Shows and Events

At a job fair or business event, you only have a few seconds to make a good first impression. Recruiters may see a lot of candidates; you want to stand out in your field for all the right reasons. It’s also important, since you only have a few seconds, to make the most of the time with a person who could play a huge role in your job search. Taking care of the little details can put you one step ahead. Here are a few things to avoid with name tag placement.

  • Make sure your name badge is placed so that it is straight and that it is right-side up. Some people turn their name badges upside down, which is referred to as a spinner. But to keep up a professional look, make sure it’s turned the right way so that it’s easily read.
  • Don’t place the name tag on a lower pocket. It will be visible, but it can make it awkward for others to learn your name.
  • Try not to place a name badge on a lapel. It may end up turning over on you, and you’ll end up with a spinner that is difficult to see.
  • Name tags do not function well on a belt or sash. They tend to lean over to one side or the other, or they lean forward in a drooping fashion. 

Let Name Tag Pros Help with Name Badges

Name Tag Pros has decades of experience to put behind your name badge design. Whether you are planning an event that uses name badges or are a business planning to attend a trade show, we can help you get your name and logo in front of those you need to reach. Call us today, and let us know how we can help you. We’ll show you what hassle-free ordering really looks like.

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