Creating a Safe and Efficient Event Registration Table

One of the first impressions attendees will have of your event is at the registration table. Their event experience has only been via correspondence until now, but now they will form an opinion of your event shaped by experiences. This starts with the registration process. In-person registration today has changed due to new safety protocols. There are a lot of ways to use space smartly to help prevent overcrowding and make registration go smoothly and provide a safe check-in for attendees.

Expedite the Event Registration Process

Consider instituting an online registration. Attendees can signup for specific times to arrive and check in to the event. You may also consider staggering registration times for attendees. This helps limit the number of people who congregate in the registration and check-in areas. No matter what creative ideas you use for organizing registration, make sure to communicate instructions to attendees. The more details you provide them, the better they will understand the process and the more comfortable they will feel. No one likes a registration process that is chaotic or disorganized.

Deliver the Registration Materials to Attendees Prior to the Event

Event registration has been transformed. There are no more long, congested lines. This means you have to be a little creative with the way you handle registration. If your event is being held at a hotel, attendees may be given their packets upon checking in. You might deliver their packets to their rooms before the event. If you have planned far enough in advance, you may consider mailing registration packets to them well before the event. All of the important event paperwork can be sent via postal or even email. That just leaves physical items like their event name tag to pick up once they arrive. This can greatly reduce how much time they spend with the registration process at the event.

Use Creative Space Design to Prevent Congestion

Even if you mail or deliver event paperwork to attendees beforehand, that leaves items like event name tags that they need to pick up at the actual event. You will also need to take into account those who register later and need to pick up materials the day of the event. No matter what, you’ll need some type of registration or information table available to serve attendees. Add floor stickers to indicate where attendees should stand while they wait in line to register, at tradeshow booths, or for food or beverages.

Pre-Event Communication Tips

The key to a smooth registration and other event processes is good communication. Today, it is even more important to make sure attendees are safe and healthy. Attendees need to feel confident in the event management’s handling of safety and health matters or they may not attend at all. That can have a direct impact on your company’s ROI. Here are some tips for communicating with attendees about registration, name tag pickup, and other event information.

  • Talk to your staff. Make sure attendees are aware of social distancing best practices and other safety protocols. Communicate with your staff about the safety protocols and how to encourage safe engagement between attendees.
  • Explain the design of the meeting space to attendees. Attendees need to know about safety protocols, but they also need to be made aware of the layout of the meeting spaces. Consider putting it up on your website before the event so they will be familiar with the layout and how the space will help with maintaining social distancing.
  • Provide teams that can answer safety-related questions. Prepare your team members to answer questions or objections attendees may have about your health and safety guidelines. Your attendees are likely to have varying viewpoints and comfort levels. Having a FAQ sheet or page on your website may be a good idea so you can provide in-depth explanations about what attendees can expect.

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